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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The NFL Playoffs produced two dramatic football games this past Sunday. The AFC winners are the New England Patriots, 23-20, over the tough Baltimore Ravens. The Patriots had the football higher-ups looking after them as Billy Can’tduff, who did duff, shimmy shanked a 32-yard field goal with 11 seconds remaining in the game. How does a professional kicker choke? He missed it by a mile! That bad from that close range? I don’t care how many you made all season long. Make the kicks you are paid to make, will ya! All those Ravens players who laid their guts on the football field lose because of a gimme kick! The whole Ravens team say they have the kickers back? I doubt they did once they left the locker room! However, I have to put some of the loss on Lee Evans. Lee, the Baltimore receiver, who let Sterling Moore of New England strip him of a winning touchdown. Come on, man! Leem you have to squeeze that football like it’s your first born child. It should have taken a sledge hammer to pry that football loose! Baltimore, you let one get away from you.

Tom Brady will make his fifth trip to the Super Bowl. He will tie John Elway in that record. New England, as a team, will make its seventh Super Bowl trip trailing only the Steelers and Cowboys, who have eight each. I thought Tom Brady played less than spectacular than usual. He admitted as much himself. The Patriots and the "Hoodie" are headed to "The House That Peyton Built" looking to avenge their last Super Bowl loss to the Giants.

Yes, those resilient road warrior New York Giants…they earned a trip to "Peyton’s House" also with a 20-17 overtime win against the San Francisco Forty- Niners. This football game was a classic hard fought NFL Playoff game. It featured awesome hard hitting defense. Big time special teams play and classic play from one quarterback Eli Manning. Awesome overtime possessions, and not to mention, a kicker who didn’t gag from close range. Mr. Clutch Lawerence Tynes’ foot delivered a Super Bowl trip just like he did against the Green Bay Packers not so long ago. The Giants’ coach Tom Coughlin, whose job is in jeopardy every year it seems like, just keeps producing awesome playoff runs. He has the Giants 5-0 on the road, which is a record by the way. How about the Giants’ defense holding the Forty-Niners to 1-13 on third down? That’s defense my football friends.

Eli Manning is definitely an elite quarterback in the NFL. He was hit by the Niners’ defense like he was a pinata. He was sacked six times and hit another 20 times. Eli is one tough customer. How about the special teams play of MSU’s Devin Thomas? How about the boneheaded play of one Kyle Williams? He has to shoulder most of the blame in this loss! I know the you win as a team and lose as a team speech sounds politically correct. However, he was the culprit…twice! The fumble I can understand, as he was trying to make a play. The punt off the knee? That’s a junior high play. Just get away from the football, you dummy! The locker room had his back until they left the locker room, believe me on that one. Cundiff and Williams both needed the Heimlich maneuver to stop those two from choking! I’ll have a preview of the Giants and Patriots and the winner next week.

Pass the hot wings!

The Red Wings have ripped off 17 straight wins at Joe Louis Arena. The NHL record is 20, so Detroit is close to breaking that record. They also have a seven-game winning streak after defeating the Blues, 3-1, Monday night. How about solid 20-2-1 at-home record this season? It was just last season where home victories were tough to come by as a 21- 14-6 home record proves. They better not lose when I go down on February 19. Jimmy Howard is the leading net minder in the league with 30 victories. Detroit is number one in points in the NHL with 67 points. Hockeytown is now known as Another Victory Town here in 2012.


Joe Pa, JoePaterno, passed away Sunday. I hope everyone remembers Joe Pa for other contributions in life over his career and not just the last three months of his life. Everyone can speculate what he knew and didn’t know. Remember, Jerry Sandusky committed the crimes, not Paterno. Could he have done more? Most definitely! I am 100 percent positive he wished he did! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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