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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

It’s Super Bowl week and World Series week here in the state of Michigan.

Hey, Fat Guy, the World Series isn’t until next October, you big dummy! But, World Series fever hit Motown last Tuesday when the Prince Fielder signing was announced. A whopping nine-year deal worth $214 million. I didn’t realize how many Little Ceasar Pizza Pizzas I ate over my lifetime, I guess. It’s been enough of them for Mr. Ilitch to afford a “Prince.”

The money, to me, and the length of the contract are not that important, actually. What is important is an appearance in the 2012 World Series. The protection of Miggy Cabrera in the lineup was crucial after the Victor Martinez injury. Prince provides protection and nobody is happier than Miggy. The power, the home runs, the RBIs, and Central Division favorites have me, and all Tiger fans, looking forward to the upcoming season. The Tigs should win the division by 10 games, I believe.

The commitment of Mike Ilitch to bring a World Series to Detroit is awesome. He realizes he has a chance to win now and is going for it. All Prince Fielder needs to do is put up the offensive numbers he has in his previous major league career, and the fans will be happy. The pressure will be on the Tigers, however, to perform between the white lines. Prince Fielder just needs to put up the numbers he did while playing for Milwaukee, and this deal is a success. All Tiger fans are looking forward to spring training and the regular season. The excitement surrounding this ball club is awesome. Remember this, Mr. Prince, your daddy hit 51 home runs for the Tigers. You match that number this season and I will guarantee you will be the toast of Motown. Go get ’em, Tigers!

Pass the chips!

This Sunday, Super Bowl XLVI will take place at 6:30 p.m. It’s the New York Giants and the New England Patriots in a rematch. It was a few years ago when the Giants wrecked the Patriots’ bid for an undefeated season with a last-minute Super Bowl victory. I am sure Patriot fans remember! I guess if you believe the Patriots are looking for revenge of that defeat, they should be your pick to win.

However, before you get all hot and steamy on the New England bandwagon, I say, buyer beware. Here are some interesting facts to consider. The Patriots’ last four Super Bowls have been won by the underdog. New England was a 14-point underdog to St. Louis and the Pats won. The Patriots were seven-point favorites over Carolina and Philadelphia and they ended up winning by only three points in both contests. The Pats were 12-point favorites over the

Giants and lost by three points.

Anyone other than me seeing a few trends here? One trend is, the underdogs in New England Super

Bowls are covering the spreads. Let’s throw the number three into the mix. The line here in this Super Bowl is New England minus three points. If the trends hold true to form, the Giants should win this game by three because they are the underdog. The other trend is New England loves winning Super Bowls by three points. They have won three Super Bowls by a winning margin of three points. Does Bill Belichick own three hoodies? Eli Manning’s first name has three letters in

Let’s break down the game and my Super Bowl XLVI winner. The Patriots’ defense is the first one to allow more than 360 yards per game and make the Super Bowl. Actually, they allowed 411 yards a game. How about 4,703 yards through air? Wow, I say! Hey, even Joe Flacco smoked the New England secondary and stinks throwing the football. Eli Manning will smoke the Pats if the Giants’ offensive line can protect him. The Giants couldn’t do that against the Forty-Niners, as Manning was hit numerous times. Vince Wilfork of the Pats will make it tough for the Giants to run the football. He is tough to move out of the middle. The New York Giants’ defensive line is playing the best it has all season long. Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, and Jason Pierre-Paul will make Tom Brady’s miserable, I believe.

The health of tight end Rob Gronkowski for New England is critical.

Gronker, no big target for Brady to throw to. Wes Welker will then need a huge game at wideout. I have correctly picked five of the last six winners, missing only the Pittsburgh and Arizona Super Bowl. I am riding Eli and the Giants, and they lose, it will only be by three points anyway. They won’t lose. Jolly Giants 27, Hoodie and Brady’s Bunch 24.

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