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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Eli, Eli, Eli the fourth quarter comeback man! The now two-time Super Bowl MVP who’s headed, of course, to Disney World! The New York “Football” Giants prevailed in Super Bowl XLVI, 21-17, over the New England Patriots.

The Patriots and Tom Brady have now lost two consecutive Super Bowls, both of them to the Giants, by the way. The Giants and Eli have become the Patriots’ nemesis. The Giants became the first 9-7 regular-season football team to win the Super Bowl. Actually, the Giants’ record sat at 7-7 before ripping off six straight victories and the last three on the road, to boot. Eli Manning was 30-for-40 throwing the football and started off the game with nine straight completions. He has become an elite quarterback in the NFL, so let’s put that nonsense to rest that he is not! He now has one more Super Bowl victory than his big brother, Peyton. Yes, fit Mr. Eli with his second ring, please, Mr. Jeweler!

The Giants came into this Super Bowl red hot and I stated last week, buyer beware on the New England Patriots. I said Wes Welker needed a huge game. Wes Welker had a huge drop late in the fourth quarter; a catch which he makes 99 out of 100 times. It was thrown slightly behind him by Brady. Tough break against the Patriots and a possible Super Bowl victory laid on the turf with the incomplete pass. How about the “Michigan Man’s” catch? One made by Mario Manningham. Eli threw a ball into a tight window and Mario got both feet in bounds to keep the game-winning drive moving. The Patriots then let the Giants score to get the football back. It was a great move by the “hoodie”. However, he should have let them score on the first play and saved their timeout. The move was two plays too late. Tom Brady would have then had a time out and over a minute to work his lategame heroics. Bad clock management cost the Patriots some game clock.

Tom Coughlin has defeated Belichick in two Super Bowl meetings. Coughlin became the 13th coach with multiple Super Bowl victories. Is Coughlin Hall of Fame worthy? The discussion is up for debate. How about the five Super Bowls played by New England where the winners were all underdogs? One thing is, the three-point victory has been replaced by a four-point victory. Last, but not least, the Fat Guy improves his Super Bowl predictions to six of the last seven against the spread.

Crystal cheeseball, you did fine work once again.

My football withdrawals will now be replaced by hockey and college hoops for the next couple of months. March Madness is only four weeks away. Love that time of the year.

Michigan State pounded the Wolverines on Super Bowl Sunday. Draymond Green had 14 points and 16 rebounds.

Michigan State held a 40-16 edge overall on the glass. Mr. Green had as many as the entire Michigan team did for the game! So, gone is the Michigan three-game winning streak over their hated men from East Lansing. Michigan played awful basketball against MSU. Tim Hardaway Jr. struggled from the floor, as did other Wolverines. Michigan State has set itself up nicely for a shot at the Big Ten crown. MSU has two games remaining with the Ohio State Buckeyes. Those two games should determine who wins the Big Ten crown. The first game is Saturday at OSU. A Spartan win would increase the Spartans’ shot at a Big Ten title. The next meeting between the two schools will be at the Breslin on March 4. It is the last game of the season for both schools. How sweet will it be if it is for the Big Ten Chamionship? Let’s all hope it is!

The Detroit Red Wings are headed home for the first time since the All- Star game. The Wings dropped the last two games of the road trip. The losses don’t hurt as much as the injury to goalie Jimmy Howard. Howard suffered broken pinky and will be out roughly two weeks. Joey MacDonald has played the last two games between the pipes. He was called up from the Grand Rapids farm club on February 3. He just might take over the number-two goalie position from Ty Conklin if he plays like he did in Phoenix. Can the Winged Wheels keep their 17-game home winning streak alive on this home stand? Edmonton on Wednesday, Anaheim on Friday and Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon. They win all three of those and they tie the NHL record for consecutive home victories.

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