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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Joel Zumaya experiment is over in Minnesota after just 13 pitches in a live batting practice session. Joel tore a ligament in his right elbow.

Joel Zumaya threw his last pitch in MLB in June of 2010. The long list of injuries on Zumaya’s medical charts include: a wrist, finger, shoulder and elbow issues, now for the second time. It’s a sad situation for the ex-flame thrower, who hit 100 miles per hour on numerous occasions over his brief career. In his 2006 rookie campaign in a Tiger uniform, he produced 97 strikeouts in 83 innings. He was known as Zoom Zoom and he electrified Tiger fans all the way to the World Series in 2006.

The Tigers stood by him during these injuries, while blowing a lot of greenbacks to do it. I was so happy the Tigers released him, but I thought it was two years too late. The injury bug has followed Zumaya ever since 2006. I have stated numerous times that I thought his career was over two years ago. The Tigers finally wised up and released him.

The Minnesota Twins took a gamble and it came up snake eyes at the craps table. The bonus for Minnesota is it only cost them $400,000 on his contract. Joel Zumaya will now have to consider Tommy John surgery, or retire. I think the curtain has finally dropped, and the 27-year-old ex-fireballer’s career is long gone on the old radar gun. He’s now a flash in the pan who never could regain the magic of 2006. It is a sad, sad story and Zumaya will always have the 2006 season as a great memory. We as Tiger fans will never forget either. Good luck, Joel! I

Sticking to baseball, the Tigers open up spring training play this Friday. The Florida Southern college team gets to open up spring training play against the Tigs. The Tigers play a MLB team on Saturday afternoon against the Atlanta Braves. The game is on the road and the home opener will be Sunday against the Atlanta Braves.

The Brandon Inge experiment at second base will be a must-watch this spring in Lakeland, Fla. The Prince Fielder off-season acquisition will be an interesting story, too!

The most scrutinized — and carefully monitored move — is the Miguel Cabarera move to third base. The management will have all eyes focused at the hot corner. We, as Tiger fans, will have all eyes on Miggy, too. I, for one, feel as though it will be a smooth transition for Miggy. He has lost 25 pounds and has played the position before. Will he be a Gold Glover? Nope. Will he commit errors? Yep. I say,

Tiger fans, don’t panic. Miggy will handle the hot corner just fine.

Trust me on that, will ya! Opening Day is just around the corner, fans.

On the links

The Accenture Match Play winner is Hunter Mahan, who defeated Rory McIlroy. The loss by Rory hurt as a win would have made him the numberone player in the world. Mahan jumped out early to a lead and never relinquished it. I want to state I predicted that Tiger Woods would not win two matches, and, of course, I was right; he did not. Thank you very much. Tiger’s putting woes still have some yips in the ole stroke. He will need to correct that before he can officially be considered in the golf world as "BACK."

Speaking of back, how about Ryan Braun. He is back in baseball after winning his drug suspension appeal. Man, you talk about lucky, no player has ever won an appeal! Something smells in this drug case to me. The sample-taker doesn’t know Fed Ex is open on Saturdays? It would make me mad if I tested positive for drugs and Ryan Braun tested positive and got off! am just saying! Oh well, a win it is for the MVP Ryan Braun.

Strawberry Sports Cakes: Dave Molk, the Michigan center, did 41 reps on the bench press, blowing away the other linemen by seven reps. … Daytona 500 canceled on Sunday afternoon, which was a bummer for the gearheads and wrenchers. … NBA All-Star game was a total farce, as a pickup/dunkfest game broke out. The winner: the West 152 and the East 149. The MVP: Kevin Durant. Can we please can all the All-Star games except baseball?


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