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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Fat Guy’s Kentucky Derby picks weren’t worth the paper the numbers were printed on. My horse, Union Rags, was pinched at the start of the race and trapped. Union Rags never could recover from the bad start. That, my horse racing friends, is the problem with a 20-horse field. A bad start and you are doomed. I thought he was the best horse in the race, but couldn’t prove it. I will back Union Rags in the Preakness in a couple of weeks when there are fewer horses in the field. The 138th Kentucky Derby winner was a bar fly’s delight, as I’ll Have Another won from post position number 19. Actually, he was named for the owner’s love of chocolate chip cookies. No horse has ever won coming from the 19th post position. I’ll Have Another won by 1-1/2 lengths. He was a 15- 1 shot to win. How about a solid $32.60, $13.80, $9.00 payout if you bet on him? I wish I would have! This horse was bought for a paltry $11,000. That’s Chump change in the horse racing industry. Will he win the second leg of the Triple Crown in two weeks? I say, no, and say it with total confidence! The Fay Guy will get his money back in two weeks! I promise.

Major shocker

What is going on in Major League Baseball? The Baltimore Orioles are in first place in the American League East. The Orioles are nine games over .500 for Cripe’s sake. The Yankees and the Red Sox are fighting to stay out of the cellar? Cleveland is leading the Detroit Tigers’ division. The Texas Rangers in first place is not a shocker. The shocker, however, is the L.A. Angels in dead last seven games out of first. Albert Pujols finally just jacked his first home run a few days ago. The fans were booing the Mega Million Dollar Man at home! Poor Albert; he might want to click his heels and head back to St. Louis. Ahhh…he is laughing all the way to the bank.

The only thing normal on the diamond is the Chicago Cubbies in last place. Oh, those lovable, losing Cubbies! The Dodgers have new owners and are playing good baseball for a change. Hey, I realize it’s only the first month of the season and panicking shouldn’t be in the deck of cards. I will caution you, though, that these games played in April mean just as much as the ones in September. Just ask last year’s Red Sox and Braves baseball teams.

Bearing witness

I went to the Tigers’ game Saturday against the White Sox, and of course I witnessed a loss in the ninth inning.

My favorite “Who’s The Fat

Guy’s Tiger?” One Papa “I am not so lucky here in 2012”

Grande blew the ball game.

Adam Dunn smoked a no doubter to the right field seats deep and Tiger fans went home sad and mad. I can’t stand Valverde and he needs to be replaced out of the closer’s role. He absolutely stinks, to put it mildly. Look around at other teams and they have already replaced closers. Say bye bye to Carlos Marmol and Heath Bell as closers. Are you listening or reading me Jimmy Leyland? Probably not.

I will applaud Jimmy for finally taking upper cut swing Mr.Boesch out of the two hole and batting him in the eight hole. It was only two weeks too late. I say, leave Andy Dirks in that spot and he will hit the cookie fastballs that Boesch could not. It is nice that Doug Fister was back on the bump Monday. I was watching him deal and he looked good coming off the strained muscle injury. Detroit needs Fister to help out Justin Verlander. Detroit will eventually bust out the bats and start raking better than they have so far. Hopefully, the Tigs have a nice West Coast trip and get some victories out there.

RIP, Junior

I want to say I am saddened by the Junior Seau suicide this past week. I don’t understand the taking of one’s own life, and never will. He was a heck of a football player in the NFL and one of my favorite linebackers to watch play. He always played with emotion and fire on the field. R I P, Junior Seau!


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