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Legitimate threat

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Preakness Stakes were run this past Saturday and the winner was I’ll Have Another. Does this horse sound familiar to you? It definitely should. I’ll Have Another just won the Kentucky Derby two weeks earlier! I’ll Have Another ran down Bodemeister in the last 100 yards for the victory and it was an awesome race to watch.

The trainer, Doug O’Neill, now has to wait three weeks for the Belmont Stakes on June 9. The Belmont Stakes is the toughest race to win due to the fact it is a mileand a-half race, a grueling test for the horses. I’ll Have Another is a true legitimate threat to win the Triple Crown, I believe. A Triple Crown winner hasn’t happened in 34 years, which shows just how hard it is to win a Triple Crown. Yes, it was Affirmed in 1978, who defeated Alydar to become the last Triple Crown winner. Affirmed and Alydar battled it out in some of the best horse racing you’ll ever see. Since 1978 there have been 12 horses who have come up short in attempts to capture the elusive Triple Crown prize. Remember Real Quiet? I thought he would do it, but failed. Big Brown also came up short. So I’ll Have Another will receive much hype and pressure over these next three weeks to win all three legs of the Triple Crown. The horse racing industry could use a Triple Crown winner to boost interest in horse racing. It’s a sport in decline over the past two decades and needs positive media coverage and positive things to happen to the sport. If you look around at the tracks, a shortage of horses exist and maybe, just maybe, a Triple Crown winner will revive horse racing at least a little bit! I will be rooting for I’ll Have Another and if he wins, I think I’ll Have Another if you get my drift!

Time for a change

Seriously? In baseball we have to watch interleague play in the middle of May? I think it is so stupid to play three games of American League against National League and then resume regular league play. Come on, bad comb-over, Bud Selig, just STOP IT. The three weeks of it later in the summer is enough. Interleague play has lost its luster for me. Heck, the Tigers play the Pirates twice this season. What the heck is that?

The positive is, I am going down to watch them at PNC Park, just like I did last season. It was awesome.

The Pittsburgh Pirates, I am sure, don’t want to see number 35 Justin Verlander again. Verlander threw a one-hitter at the Buccos last Friday night.

Justin carried a no-hitter into the ninth and retired the first batter, but then surrendered a hit to center field. I enjoy watching

Justin Verlander take the mound every single time he pitches. Justin gives it his all and is so dominant on the bump. The standing ovation he received from Tigers’ fans Friday night could give a Tigers’ fan goose bumps. Justin is giving himself a chance for back-to-back Cy Youngs.

The Tigers’ inconsistency game-in and game-out is really getting annoying. Where is the offense on a consistent basis? It’s a little baffling, to say the least. The fact they are playing under .500 baseball here in late May is puzzling. The Cleveland Indians are in first place? Please!! I want to say the 15 strikeouts by Max Scherzer was impressive. I feel as though Max is getting into the groove on the bump.

Fire Jim Leyland? I know many of you say, yes! I am starting to lean that way myself!

And, get ready for a shakeup

The NBA Playoffs have gone just as I said they would. Oklahoma City is younger and hungrier than the Lakers and it shows. A shakeup will happen in L.A. after this season. Trust me on that. The Spurs smoked the L.A. paper clips in four straight like I said they would. The Spurs and Thunder will be a series to watch. The young Thunder against the old cagey Spurs. Let’s get that series started!

The Eastern Conference is still in the air. Boston is going to take out the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers are young and inconsistent. The Heat and Pacers’ series has been as good as advertised. It’s going seven games, basketball fans. I will stick by my Pacers’ upset selection. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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