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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011 is all over and Japan takes home the gold. The soccer match ended up tied 2-2 and was decided by penalty kicks. Japan got it done on the penalty kicks and upset the USA team. The USA team should have won this, as they were the favorites. The positive for the sport of soccer is the ratings were the sixth highest ever as 13.5 million people watched the match. The Japan and USA match drew a 7.4 rating. Maybe, just maybe, soccer is catching on in America? I’ll pass on it though, personally.

The baseball All-Star game was played last Tuesday night and the National League won for the second straight time. Will the National League go on a roll similar to the roll the American League has been on? I highly doubt it. All the American League elite pitchers could not pitch, which tilted the slate in favor of the National League. No Verlander, Lester, or Sabathia hurt the American League chances.

It’s time now for some baseball secondhalf predictions and some first-half awards to be handed out. Let’s start in the National League.

The National League East is being played out as the experts predicted. The Philadelphia Phillies are the class of the division with that pitching staff. Roy Halladay has been lights out on the bump. My first award goes to Roy as the leader in the Cy Young department. I will say he is a lock to win it. The Phillys will win this division easily.

Atlanta will stay close and make it as the wild-card participant. The Braves could go to the World Series if they can find a little offense. The Mets will hold a fire house sale and deal players at the trade deadline. The Central Division will be a four-team race to the finish line. The Brewers, Cardinals,

Reds, and Pirates. Did I say Pirates?

Yes, I did! The Pirates’ pitching will keep them in this division race. They have not finished over .500 since 1992. I am here to tell ya, 2011 breaks that streak. The Reds have the most talent, but haven’t shown it on the field. The Cards…I just don’t feel it for them. The

Brewers of Milwaukee made a huge move acquiring closer


Rodriguez from the

Mets. Give me the Brew Crew as division champions. In the West, it’s the San Francisco Giants and the rest are Texas Toast. The Arizona Diamondbacks have been a pleasant surprise as Gibby (Kirk Gibson) has them playing good baseball. They will fade away into the desert sunset come August and September. At Manager of the Year, so far the runaway winner is Clint Hurdle of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Seriously, the Pirates over .500?

In the American League East, the two big boys the Yanks and Sox are one and two. Tampa Bay is lurking, but has no shot of catching either team. Boston wins the division and Yanks are the wild-card winner. Talk about chalk, this division is all chalk. The West battle will come down to the L.A. Angels and the Texas Rangers. Texas will pull away in the second half and win the division real easy. The Central will be a battle all the way to the end of September. A four-team race is going to be exciting with the Twinkies, Sox, Tigs, and Tribe. I thought the Indians would fade away, but the Tribe is in it to win it! At one time, the Twins were 16 games out! Currently, they sit only six. Those pesky Twins…never count them out. I still like the Tigers to win this division, so call me a homer! Manager of the Year for the first half is Manny Acta of Cleveland. The Cy Young winner right now is a tie between Verlander and Jered Weaver of the Angels. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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