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Road trip with the Tigs

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Tigers’ Inter-League schedule began over the weekend with a three-game series in Cincinnati. The Tigers took two of three from the Redlegs and took two of three from the Pittsburgh Pirates earlier in May. The Tigers are a solid 4-2 in Inter-league play so far. Maybe the Tigs should join the National League? They seem to fare well in Inter-league play most seasons. The rest of the Inter-league schedule for the Tigers looks like this: Three games at beautiful Wrigley Field against the horrible Chicago Cubs. Wrigley should be packed with Tiger fans this week. Then the boys from Detroit come home for three against the Colorado Rockies and three against the Redbirds of St.Louis. The Cardinals series will be fun to watch. Then they close it out with three in Pittsburgh at PNC Park. The Fat Guy is attending the Saturday and Sunday games in PNC. I have a feeling numerous Tiger fans will make the trek to Pittsburgh, just like last season. PNC Park is a gorgeous place to watch a ball game just like Comerica Park. I thoroughly enjoyed myself last season at PNC. I am not a fan of Inter-league play. as most of you know by now, but, oh well. The schedule is not tough for Detroit and should play over .500 baseball against the National League. The Chicago Cubs stink as usual!

The NBA Finals have a marquee match up in the Oklahoma Thunder and the Miami Heat. How much better can it get in two huge stars Kevin Durant and LeBron James? The television media will make this series LeBron against Durant and that is so wrong. The team that plays the best team basketball will win this series. The Heat have the Big Three in James, Bosh and Wade. The Thunder’s Big Three consists of Durant, Harden, and Wade. I think the ratings for this series will be tremendous. I hope Durant and James guard one another; that will be fun watching if they do. This is LeBron’s third NBA Finals and we all know he is 0-2 so far. In 2007, the Spurs swept the Cleveland Cavaliers and Mr. James. Nobody expected the Cavaliers to defeat the Spurs anyway. However, last year the Dallas Mavericks were not supposed to defeat the Heat. LeBron averaged

25 points in the playoffs and the Mavericks held James to 17 points. LeBron’s two NBA Finals appearances have not been spectacular to say the least. I look for James to have a big series against the

Thunder. He is on a one-man mission.

It’s a good thing, because there is a lot of pressure on LeBron to perform and win an NBA title. The Fat Guy crystal ball prediction: The Thunder Rolls in six games over the Burnt Out Heat.

The world of boxing suffers a severe black eye this past Saturday night. Manny Pacquiao defeated Bradley in a fight, yet was not awarded the decision. It is the biggest joke ever in boxing. Boxing punched themselves in the face once again with this one. It was such a farce of a decision to the point of laughing. Manny took the high road, but deep down, knows he won the fight. The two judges who awarded the fight to Bradley should never be allowed to judge a boxing match ever again. Bradley won two rounds of this fight of the 12 rounds. No wonder nobody watches boxing anymore. How about the fact that an Irish bookmaker gave back all the money to people who bet on Manny! Wow, that is something. Heck,Vegas is considering not even taking action on boxing anymore! That is how bad this fight was judged! Can you say “Fixed”.

The Belmont Triple Crown horse I’ll Have Another had to scratch out due to an injury. He will never race again and will become a stud horse at a farm. It was a shame for all us race horsing fans.

The U.S. Open takes place this weekend at the Olympic Club in San Francisco. It is a par 70 course and plays at 7,170 yards. The first round pairing of Tiger, Phil, and Bubba Watson will be a fun watch for all us golf fans. Will Tiger win a Major? Not this weekend! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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