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Rubbing people the wrong way

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Tigers ended Inter-League play losing two of three to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Tigers played in front of numerous Tiger fans who made the trek to PNC Park. I made my second consecutive trip down to beautiful PNC Park. I went to the loss on Saturday afternoon, as the Detroiters couldn’t get any hits once again. I went down to Pittsburgh Sunday, but watched the game from a bar stool. We took in some beautiful sights of downtown Pittsburgh, which was very nice. I wasn’t even upset that I missed the Tiger ace Justin Verlander toss a complete game for a Tiger victory. I loved watching all the Tiger gear being worn, though. Tiger baseball brings out the Tiger fans and their gear. I have been recieving some emails that I have been awful hard on these 2012 Detroit Tigers and some people are getting upset with me. They feel as though I am Tiger bashing, so let me explain myself, please.

I have been a Tiger fan since the age of six. It can be documented if need be. My reasoning for being totally irritated with this ball club is this: They are supposed to win their division with relative ease. However, the division is extremely weak. They invested big dollars in Prince Fielder over the off season. The investment had Tiger fans gaga thinking this team was World-Series bound. Come on, all you out there admit it; you were. If you were polled in spring training and were asked would this team be two games under .500 around July, first your response would have been? H E Double hockey sticks, NO!

This team has underachieved and played horrible baseball so far. Jimmy Leyland’s managing is extremely questionable. Boesch, Avila and the bullpen are awful! Hey, the talent on this team isn’t like the one Alan Trammell had to manage. Justin Verlander pitches his Tiger tail off and struggles to get victories. This team deserves all the criticism it is receiving. So, I am sorry to all you Tiger fans who read me weekly that want a rosy picture painted every week about the Tigers. I am tired of this team underachieving week after week. Don’t be fooled by their recent wins in Inter-league play, either. Those teams are not National League world beaters by any stretch of the imagination. Pittsburgh is the best of the bunch. Detroit needs to wake up and smell some wins on the diamond!

This seven-game road trip to Texas and Tampa Bay will be a good test to see where this current ball club is. Show me something, Detroit!!

Rolling the Thunder

The Miami Heat and LeBron dispose of the young bucks the Oklahoma City Thunder. The inexperience of the

Thunder showed up big time in this series. Throw in the fact one Mr. James played like the best player in the NBA in the NBA Finals. James made amends for his sorry performance against Dallas in the NBA Finals last season. He closed out the finals with a triple double. The critics can back off now and LeBron can tell them all to kiss his you know what. He carried the Heat in this championship run and the city of Cleveland has to be sick to their stomachs watching him win the title. All the criticism should go away for LeBron and most of it is criticism he didn’t deserve. If Cleveland would have surrounded him with better players, the city of Cleveland would be celebrating a NBA Championship. Let the Party in South Beach last all summer long.

The NBA draft is this week and will Joe Dumars make a "Darko" selection or a Greg Monroe selection? Joe is about 50 percent with his draft picks. Joe has done well his last two picks in Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight. Watch Knight this year, he will look 10 times better than he did as a rookie. He started playing really well late last season. I know many of you Pistons’ fans, like me, couldn’t hardly stand to watch last year’s basketball team. I will be watching closely to see who falls to Detroit with the number-nine pick. I do know that Anthony Davis will be the number-one selection that much is guaranteed after that who knows?

I am glad the Red Wings locked up Darren Helm with a four year deal. I love watching him skate. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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