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Breathing a sigh of relief

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

My NFL football worries came to an end Monday, as a Collective Bargaining Agreement 10-year deal was reached. The lockout lasted 132 days! It seemed like years to me.

The next 10 days in the NFL are going to be a complete and chaotic frenzy. The first item on each team’s menu will be signing their own free agents and draft picks from last April. There will be players cut by teams also making those players free agents. The next order of business will be the signing of free agents from other teams.The training camps start this Sunday,as all the players will be in camps with their football teams.

A huge question on my mind is, who as free agents are the Lions targeting? I am looking for a big-time player to sign on with the Lions. The Lions need a linebacker and a defensive back in the worst way. I feel it is important to get at least one player to fill the roster. Come on, Lions, don’t let us fans down.

The bottom line is that NFL football is back and we as fans can take a deep breath and relax. I just couldn’t imagine Sundays without my NFL football! Next week’s article will contain lots and lots of NFL news; trust me on that one.

The Tigers went into Minnesota over the weekend and took three of four from those pesky Minnesota Twinkies. Minnesota finally defeated the Tigers on Saturday afternoon, snapping a horrible 11-game losing streak. However, the Tigers started a new streak on Sunday with a victory. Man, I love seeing the Tigs dominate a division opponent. That is how you win a division title. The Chicago White Sox are next up on this road trip. I hope Detroit can take the series. I say, kick down another division opponent while the opportunity exists.

The news of the week in Tiger town is the demotion of Brandon Inge to Triple A Toledo. Inge has been a Detroit Tiger for 11 years and is a total team player. The problem lies in that Detroit is in a division race and the third baseman cannot be hitting .177. The hot corner needs to have an offensive producer at the plate. I am not an Inge basher like many other Tigers fans seem to be. Inge is one of the most controversial Tigers amongst fans that I have seen. Some love him and many hate him. I am neutral.

The rumors have swirled that the Florida Marlins are interested in Mr. Inge. I personally hope he sticks with Detroit and gets called back up in September when the rosters expand. Brandon needs to get his confidence back and his confidence at the plate back.

Good luck, Brandon, and hopefully we see you back at Comerica Park.

The new third baseman is Wilson Betemit from the Kansas City Royals. Wilson is a career backup player who has been in the league for about a decade. He was wasting away on the pine in Kansas City. He is a career .260- 270 hitter. Wilson hit a little bit the rest of the season and the trade will be considered a huge success. It’s your time to shine in the "Bigs" and Detroit could use some sunshine on the hot corner.

MLB’s trade deadline is Sunday afternoon and I think it will be very busy. Teams are slashing payroll and teams are in the hunt picking up huge contracts. Will the Tigers sit still or become active come deadline time? I say, active. They need a run-producing bat in that lineup.

I will say, that Carlos Guillen has looked good at the plate in his return to the Tigers’ lineup. He could be huge down the stretch here these last two months. When Carlos is healthy he is awesome. The problem is he can’t stay healthy. Tigers and the American League Central are gonna be an awesome run to the finish line!

Tiger Woods fires his caddie. Man can one guy fall apart any faster than Tiger Woods has? The timing was strange and the firing a curious move. Tiger what is going on in that coconut of yours? It seems to me like a bunch of serious straw grasping. Will Tiger ever become the number one player in the world of golf again? I say no his time has come and gone. The number one ranking is up for grabs for anyone who wants it. The Tiger has been caged! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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