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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The 2012 London Olympics are officially over. Michael Phelps became the all-time medal winner with 19. The basketball team took gold as expected. I will say though, that Spain gave them all they could handle in this hoop contest. The USA only had a one-point lead after three quarters of hoop. They pulled away in the end for gold with a 107-100 victory. Gabby Douglass also took gold in gymnastics. How about 17-year-old Claressa Shields of Flint, Michigan? Claressa took female boxing gold. She sure made the city of Flint proud of her performance in London. Usain Bolt is a true legend, in my opinion. Is there any doubt he is the fastest man alive? Not a bit of doubt. That guy can flat out fly!

The Olympics in London saw 10,500 athletes compete for medals. Man, that is lot of athletes! How many medals were passed out? A total of 2,300 gold, silver and bronze medals were collected by the athletes. I mentioned just a few of the stories and I realize there were many others. I enjoyed the Olympics a lot this summer. I need to crawl out from underneath my rock more often!

The NFL pre-season kicked off last week with a full slate of games. Pre-season means absolutely nothing record-wise, so remember that. The Lions were 4-0 in pre-season the year they lost all 16 games. The city of Detroit must be ready for some Lions football. The ratings came out and the Lions ratings were higher than the Olympics and the Tigers. The Lions game drew a 11.0 rating the Tigers a 10.4 and the Olympics a 10.1. That just blows my little simple mind. If you’re wondering, each rating point represents 17,000 homes. How can a meaningless pre-season game lead the ratings? It’s really simple; this town is crazy over those boys in Honolulu Blue. The Lions suffered a 19-17 loss to the Cleveland Browns last Friday night. I watched only the first half. I thought Sean Hill looked very good as the back up quarterback. Let’s just say if number nine goes down Sean can win some games quarterbacking the Lions. I thought the rookie Bill Bentley looked pretty sharp for a rookie playing corner in his first-ever NFL contest. He has a lot to learn yet, but I think he will play a lot here in 2012. The player I am most interested in is Louis

Delmas. He had knee surgery and his return to the football field is uncertain. The Lions cannot afford to have Louie out of the huddle for too long. Louie, get well soon. This week the Lions travel to

Baltimore and will take on the Ravens on Friday night.

The NFL career of Chad Johnson could have come to a close this weekend. Chad was arrested for domestic violence on his wife of two months. The new coach in Miami, Joe Philibin, said I’ve had enough of Mr. Johnson and cut him. I say, good for the Miami Dolphins and their organization. Take a stance and stick to your guns. Oooops gun is a bad reference for the NFL players. Sorry.

Speaking of guns, Plaxico Buress is looking for work in the NFL, also. I think all these problem athletes in the NFL will struggle with finding work. The police blotter is finally catching up to all these players. The Lions have their share of criminals, don’t forget. A remake of the movie the Longest Yard might feature real NFL players in starring roles. Stay tuned.

How about Andrew Luck tossing a touchdown pass on his very first pass as an NFL quarterback! This Luck kid could be a special player in a Colt uniform. The Fat Guy’s crystal cheese ball is plugged in and warming up for week one in the NFL. I can’t wait to start picking winners.

The Lakers finally ended the Dwight Howard soap opera. The LA Lakers will now become the chalk in the Western Conference. The addition of Howard and Steve Nash to go along with Kobe Bryant, you have to love the Lakers’ chances of playing in the NBA Finals. I see a Miami Heat and LA Lakers NBA Finals showdown. LeBron against Kobe is exactly what the NBA wants. The ratings will be sky high if it happens. What are the Orlando Magic doing? They had better trade offers from New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets and the Houston Rockets.


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