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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Thursday night officially kicks off college football season. The Spartans crank it up on Friday night at 8 pm. at Spartan Stadium. The opponent is the Boise State football team. Boise State, the BCS pain in the rear in recent years, will have their hands full with MSU. Boise State, like Michigan State, will be replacing a topnotch quarterback this season. Gone from the Boise State program is Kellen Moore, who won a record 50 football games for Boise. Moore’s replacement will be Joe Southwick who’s been a two-year back up to Moore. He has played in seven games as a college football quarterback. Man, oh man, you talk about a tough start on the road against that super tough Sparty “D”. Let’s throw in the noise factor as Spartan Stadium will be loud and rocking Friday night. Boise only has seven returning starters on offense and defense. How about only two returning starters on the defensive side of the football? Andrew Maxwell should love that, as he doesn’t have much experience under center for MSU. The Boise “D” should expect to see a heavy dose of the running game from the Michigan State offense.

Hey, Boise, let me introduce you to Le’veon Bell. Coach Dantonio will shorten this first game for Andrew Maxwell by using the running game to control the clock and let his swarming defense dominate the football game. The Fat Guy crystal cheeseball’s first prediction on the grid iron in 2012: MSU D Swarms U: 23 Boise No Poisey 13. The Spartans open up 1-0 on the early season.

Saturday night in Big “D” the place Jerry built will host the Wolverines and Alabama at 8 p.m. on ABC. Talk about two traditional powers hooking up on the grid iron. I realize Michigan has not been a power for five years or so. Alabama is the power in college football recently. A National title win over LSU last January proves that. Nick Saban will not rebuild, but reload down there in Roll Tide Roll country. The Bama boys lost nine players from the number one defense including three first round picks to the NFL draft back in April. I guess we will see if it’s a reload or rebuild in a hurry.

Let’s be honest, containing Denard

Robinson is a tough job. Will the newbies on defense be up to the challenge? One thing is the players in the SEC are used to seeing burning speed. It won’t catch Bama sleeping at the wheel to say the least. Will Michigan be able to move the football against this super fast

Tide defense?

That is Michigan’s worry.

Michigan defensively will face a tough and physical Alabama offensive line. The U of M defensive line will have their work cut out for them in this contest. A J McCarron, the Bama quarterback, will not kill you throwing the rock, so dig in, stop the run, and you’ll have a chance for the upset. This is a big game for the Big Ten against the SEC. The SEC has owned the Big Ten and Michigan could help out the Big Ten with a victory. The crystal ball’s second prediction of the year: The Tide Rolls In 20 and Blue Who Tears 13. I have spoken and so has the crystal cheeseball.

Strawberry Sports Cakes: Lance Armstrong stripped of his seven Tour de France Cycling titles. The guy passed over 500 drug tests in his career. I don’t blame him for not wanting to fight this stupid witch hunt. Live Strong and move on Lance. Roger Clemens comeback at age 50?

Hey, Brett Favre, ooppps, I mean Roger, get a life…your days on the diamond are long gone. Fade away into the sunset, will ya. I could care less about your comeback. Put the popcorn away as T.O. is cut by the Seahens. He can ask Chad Johnson to the movies now and he can buy some popcorn. Randy Moss are you next? Watch your back out there in San Francisco.

Stafford’s non throwing hand was injured in Oakland over the weekend. Lions fans are all holding their collective breaths. My face is turning blue right now! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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