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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The NFL free agent feeding frenzy went fast and furious last week. Man, talk about a few F-bombs in a single sentence.

The labor lockout ended and some teams wasted zero time in adding players to their roster. The early winners on paper seem to be two teams wearing the color green. The Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC and the New York Jets of the AFC. The ‘Eaglets’ signed the number one free agent in corner back Nnamdi Asomugha. He is a true shutdown corner and the Eagles’ defensive backfield is the best in football. The Eagles are in it to win it and are now the chalk of the NFC to go to the Super Bowl.

The move to sign Vince Young as a back up to Mike Vick was a smart move. The way Mike Vick plays the quarterback position, the possibility of injury is always there. Can Philly withstand the pressure of being the chalk? We shall see.

The New York Jets re-signed defensive back Antonio Cromartie, a smart move on their part. “Revis Island’ will be a lonesome island, as no teams will throw to his side of the field.

The shocker is the signing of Plaxico Burress. Plaxico, once a New York Giant, will now just walk across to the other locker room and put on a green jersey. That’s a much better color than the orange he has been supporting the last two years. It looks like Braylon Edwards’ days as a Jet have been grounded.

So, how did our beloved boys in Honolulu blue fare? Well, linebackers. Justin Durant came over from Jacksonville and Stephen Tulloch came over from the Tennessee Titans. The defensive backfield was also helped with the signing of Eric Wright. Wright played for the Cleveland Browns last season.

Let’s say the Lions tried their best to fix some holes on the defensive side of the football. The Lions, for the first time in a decade, have a sliver of hope for a winning football season. Go Lions. Buyer’s market

The baseball trade deadline passed at 4 p.m. on Sunday. How about the fact the Cleveland Indians and the Pittsburgh Pirates were buyers instead of sellers?

The Indians’ move totally came as a shock to me.

Cleveland acquired Ubaldo

Jimenez from the Colorado

Rockies. The kicker is they gave up four top prospects in the process.

They also received outfielder Kosuke

Fukudome from the underachieving Chicago Cubs. I think it’s awesome that Cleveland is trying to win a Central Division title. Heck, I would have done it, too! The Central Division is so awfully weak and wide open, any team can win it except the Kansas City Royals.

The Detroit Tigers also did not sit on their hands. The Tigs got some pitching help in Doug Fister and Dave Pauley. Mr. Fister is a starting pitcher and Pauley a relief pitcher. The Tigs needed both. Doug Fister is not a bad pitcher, he just received no run support in Seattle. Let’s hope the Tigers give him some run support.

The Mariners got Casper Wells and Charlie Furbush in the deal. No huge loss, in my opinion.

One more trade deadline fact, which to me, was curious. The New York Yankees stood pat? What is going on in New York?

Well, two months to go and let’s see how all this baseball action shakes out.

Chris Chelios is headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame….

Kris Draper now a retired Detroit Red Wing and will always be remembered as a member of the Grind Line….

Tiger Woods making his return to golf this weekend and it will be curious to see how he plays…

Randy ” Take a few plays off ” Moss has called it quits in the NFL after a 13-year career. He will play again sometime this season trust me on that

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