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Worst of the worse

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the worst team in the NFL, bar none! That franchise is in the same place right now as the winless Lions were in thier 0-16 season. I know the Jags have already won an NFL game here in 2012 and can’t go 0-16. When I watched the game on Sunday, I could not believe how awful a football team the Jags really are. Blaine Gabbert is a bottomthree quarterback in the NFL, for sure.

I do want to pass some love to our Lions’ football team for winning in Jacksonville. Why do the Lions deserve some loving? How many years as a Lions fan have we watched the Lions blow games to teams who they should have whipped up on? The count is a staggering number, as you all know. They went to Florida, took care of business, and got the “W”. The most impressive thing about the victory for me was the four rushing touchdowns. I liked the running of LeShoure, as he racked up three rushing touchdowns. The Lions’ record now sits at 4-4 with a road trip to the Minnesota “VI-Queens” on tap this Sunday. It’s payback time for the Lions, as Minny HA HA laughed at the Lions with a victory earlier in the season at Ford Field. Remember the kickoff and punt return for touchdowns? I do.

A victory in Minnesota and the Lions might have a playoff run in them, as their schedule is loaded up with home games. The home schedule is tough, though, with Chicago, Green Bay, Houston, Indianapolis and Atlanta being the opponents. I am excited for the “Turkey Day” matchup with the Houston Texans. What a game that one will be. Lions, just get it done in Minnesota on Sunday, please.

High drama

College football was packed with drama this past Saturday. The BCS standings were oh, so close to being turned inside out and upside down. Call it what you want. The undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish escaped like Houdini in 10 sets of handcuffs. A blown lead by Pittsburgh mixed in with a missed overtime field goal by Pittsburgh and Notre Dame stayed unbeaten and in the hunt for the National Title. The LSU and Bama game provided numerous gut checks for both teams. Les Miles is a terrible head coach when it comes to making in-game decisions. I swear, he pulls out crumbled up napkins with dumb plays written on them. It cost him this football game, too. The fourth-down gambles and not getting the first down and the fake field goal call was one of the worst ever. The bottom line is, Alabama will stay on top of the BCS standings.

Oregon and Kansas State also won with impressive victories. Oregon, offensively, is awesome. The problem is, defensively, not so awesome. November will shake out the pretenders from contenders as usual.

MSU lost a Heartbreak Hotel game to Nebraska at home. A phantom passinterference call aided the

Huskers in victory. It was a horrible call. I hate when a bad call determines a football game. Nebraska took advantage of the blown call and scored with only six seconds left. Sparty has two weeks to chew on the loss, as they have a bye this week.

The Michigan Wolverines pounded the Not So Golden Gophers, 35-13, without Denard Robinson under center. Devin Gardner did a fabulous job directing the Wolverines to victory. It looks like Denard will play Saturday against the 7-2 Northwestern Wildcats in Ann Arbor. I like Michigan in this one by a touchdown.

The Detroit Pistons’ season has started, but nobody told the Pistons, as they have yet to win a basketball game at 0-4. I tried watching the home opener, but man, they are not even entertaining to watch. Boring and more boring, in my opinion. I sure hope it gets better.

Speaking of getting better, my lock pick was better, as it was a winner with Green Bay. The rest of the picks? Not so good! Roll’em Albert…

Indianapolis – 3 over JACKSONVILLE
N.Y.Giants – 4 over CINCINNATI
MIAMI – 6 over Tennessee
Detroit – 2 over MINNESOTA
N. ENGLAND – 11 over Buffalo
Atlanta – 3 over NEW ORLEANS
TAMPA BAY – 3 over San Diego
CAROLINA + 4 over Denver
BALTIMORE – 7 over Oakland
SEATTLE – 6.5 over N.Y. Jets
Dallas + 2 over PHILADELPHIA
St. Louis + 11.5 over SAN FRANCISCO
Houston + 1.5 over CHICAGO
Kansas City + 12.5 over PITTSBURGH
LAST WEEK: 5-9 SEASON: 62-68-2


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