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Controlling their destiny

The BCS survived a scare two weeks ago, but not this past weekend. BCS stood for: Bye Crimson Saban. The number one Alabama Crimson Tide was rolled (get it?) by the Texas A&M Aggies. Johnny “Football” Manziel was absolutely tremendous in the first quarter. The Aggies had to make a goal-line stand to hold on for the victory. I was so happy to see “Bama” lose this football game. Nick Saban’s team has won enough titles lately.

How about Texas A&M’s first year in the Southeast Conference? Remember when everyone told them they couldn’t play with the big boys after leaving the Big 12? I do. I think they have made a statement and Alabama was on the receiving end. The best part of the loss is now the top three BCS teams — Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame — are not SEC teams. The top two teams, Kansas State who’s number one, and number two Oregon, control their own destiny. They both win out and they play for the NCAA Championship. Kansas State’s schedule features a game at Baylor and a home game with Texas. This will not be easy, trust me. They went from the hunter to the hunted on the football field. Oregon’s schedule finishes with Stanford and then Oregon State at OSU. The Pac 12 title game opponent would be UCLA or USC. Oregon has no easy path, in my opinion. Notre Dame has Wake Forest at home, then a trip to USC. The Irish have an excellent shot to slide in the mix if Oregon or KSU stumble. Guess who sits at number four? Yep. Alabama! Watch them slide back into it! I sure hope not!

Michigan kept its Leaders Division hopes alive with a thrilling overtime victory over the Northwestern Wildcats. The Wolverines should have lost, but a tremendous circus catch by Roy Roundtree and a field goal with two seconds left put it in OT. Michigan needs to win out and have Nebraska slip up here in the last two weeks. Michigan should handle the Iowa Hawkeyes at home Saturday. The Spartans have the Northwestern Wildcats at East Lansing on Saturday. I like the Spartans off the bye week to handle the Cats. Northwestern will end up 0- 2 in the Mitten State.

Lion tamers

I’ll stick with the 0-2 theme in the NFL and our beloved tamed Lions. Detroit dropped to 0-2 against the Minnesota Vikings this season. The first half of this game was unbearable to watch. A lousy field goal is all Detroit could muster! Why is it every single week the Lions trail at the half and play so freaking poorly? Answer: mental toughness and preparation. This football team is not good enough to spot all the NFL teams huge leads. How about playing a complete 60 minutes, Detroit?! The

NFL’s ugly word — concussion

— was on center stage.

Down went Mike

Vick, Alex Smith and Jay Cutler.

We shall see if they play

Sunday and

Monday night.

How about that great matchup Monday of Chicago and San Francisco? And, both might have to play backup quarterbacks. The Lions will take on Green Bay on Sunday at Ford Field. Can the Lions pull off the upset on Sunday? I doubt it. Prediction: Cheese Tray 34, First Half Sleepers 27.

Roundball snub

The LA Lakers have snubbed Phil Jackson and hired Mike D’Antoni to coach the Lakers. A total shocker in the NBA world, I thought. I believe everyone thought it was Jackson’s job. Let’s see how it plays out.

The Pistons have lost a franchise-record eight straight to start a season. Yikes! However, in their defense, they have had a brutal schedule to start the season.

Trophy time

Today is opening day of deer season. Everyone out there hunting be safe and good luck bagging your trophy buck! I am heading to the woods myself.

Roll the picks Emily….

BUFFALO – 1.5 over Miami
WASHINGTON – 3 over Philadelphia
Green Bay – 3.5 over DETROIT
Arizona + 10 over ATLANTA
Tampa Bay – 1 over CAROLINA
Cleveland + 7.5 over DALLAS
ST. LOUIS – 3 over New York Jets
Indianapolis + 9 over NEW ENGLAND
HOUSTON – 16 over Jacksonville
KANSAS CITY + 4 over Cincinnati
New Orleans – 4.5 over OAKLAND
San Diego + 7.5 over DENVER
Baltimore + 3.5 over Pittsburgh
SAN FRAN – 4 over Chicago
LAST WEEK 8-6 SEASON 70-74-2


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