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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Thanksgiving is here which means turkey and football. This Thanksgiving, the Lions will take on the Houston Texans. The Lions’ fans will get to watch first hand how good this Houston Texans football team really is. I think they are the chalk to win the AFC and go to the Super Bowl.

The Texans play big-time defense led by one J.J. Watt from the University of Wisconsin. The offense, led by Matt Schaub at quarterback, has a dynamic running and passing game. Arian Foster leads the rushing attack and Andre Johnson is a bigtime wide out. There is no question they are the most balanced offense in the NFL, in my opinion. What I am getting at, is the Lions will have to play the game of all games on Thursday to defeat Houston. I do not see that happening to be brutally truthful. I would like to see Detroit pull off the upset from my seats at Ford Field. I am just hoping it’s not Blow Out Central in downtown Detroit.

One myth I would love to end is one where people tell me Detroit always plays well on Turkey Day! Wrong, Lions fans, they actually are a couple games under .500. The Lions’ first Thanksgiving Day game took place when? That would be 1934, fans. Detroit has been at this a long time. Along the way, the NFL has added the Dallas Cowboys as an annual participant on Turkey Day. The NFL knows a good thing when it sees it, don’t they?! Fat Guy Prediction: Houston Oilers (oops, old habits die hard) 34 and Lions get stuffed 20.

The other games on Thursday will be Dallas taking on Washington. The night capper, if you rally from your nap, will be New England and the New York Jets.

Got that right

Baseball awards were announced and the winners were all chosen, and correctly, I believe. Mike Trout and Bryce Harper should have been the two Rookie of the Year winners. Miguel Cabrera and Buster Posey are the MVPs of the American League and National League.

The Trout noise of him winning over Miguel was the most ridiculous talk ever heard. Thank goodness it fell on a bunch of deaf ears in the baseball world. Congratulations Miguel, you deserved it! The Cy Young in the National League was R.A. Dickey, the flame throwing knuckleballer. Flame throwing it up there at about 70 miles per hour. All of those power pitchers in baseball and a knuckleball pitcher wins the Cy Young; I absolutely love it. Dickey deserved it, too, and you have to feel good about his MLB story.

Justin Verlander fell a few points short of a second consecutive Cy Young award narrowly losing to David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays. I wanted

Verlander, but Price was also deserving of the award. Detroit fans cannot be upset with the Price winning it.

That was why the voting was so close. The Manager of the Year award in the National league was Davey Johnson of the Nationals. The American League title went to Bob Melvin of the Oakland As. Personally, I thought Buck Showalter of the Baltimore Orioles should have won it. Oakland had great pitching and the Baltimore team did not. Throw in the tough American League- East Division and Buck made the playoffs in that division.

There’s a blockbuster fire house sale in Miami once again. Yes, the Miami Marlins fleeced its fans and the city one more time. Miami builds a new stadium with mostly not the franchise’s money. They go sign huge contracts and have a horrible season and then unload those players to the Toronto Blue Blue Birds (Jays). Gone are Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, and Mark Buehrle and a couple others. The fans of Miami should just boycott that ball club.

The flip side is, how about the Jays loading up for a run at a division title? I like it! Hey, move over Rays, Yankees and Orioles, the Jays are taking the tarp off the field and getting in the game. The American League East will be a wild ride next summer. Toronto also signed the candy bar Melky”Way” Cabrera. That’s Melky’s fifth team in five years. He is club house cancer, in my opinion. Toronto, good luck with this signing.

Hey, while on the subject of signings, let’s welcome Torii Hunter to the “D”. Torii took a two-year deal for $26 million and will patrol right field in Comerica Park. A great move by the Detroit Tigers.

I have an early holiday deadline, so there will be no NFL picks this week. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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