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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Thanksgiving weekend of football extravaganza is officially in the rearview mirror. The “GAME” did not go in favor of the Michigan Wolverines. The Lions dropped another Thanksgiving game in the loss column. The only positive is Michigan State became bowl eligible with a win up in Minnesota. Who would have thought at the beginning of the year MSU would need a last-game win just to make a bowl game? I can say emphatically, not me or Spartan fans! It was a terrible season of disappointment up in East Lansing on the gridiron.

The expectations at Michigan State began with thoughts of a Big Ten title. The defense, in my opinion, never lived up to its potential all season long. The year before, they were lights out defensively. The new starting quarterback, Andrew Maxwell, played way too sporadic under center. He will be better next season for sure. It just goes to show you experience at the quarterback position goes a long way in college football. The young and very average receivers also hurt Maxwell. MSU needs an upgrade at the receivers position, in my opinion. One good thing, Spartan fans, hoop season is here. One thing we know is Tom Izzo won’t disappoint the Spartans’ basketball fans.

The Michigan and Ohio State game went the way of the Buckeyes last Saturday. It was a game that could have been won by Michigan. OSU’s defense turned up the heat in the second half and shut down the Wolverines. I thought Michigan’s offensive game plan in the second half was poorly called. The decision to go for a fourth down and pick up three yards was pitiful. At the end of the game, they pulled Denard from the offense and became very pass happy. The bottom line is, Michigan has dropped eight of the last nine games to its hated rivals. The Ohio State team ended up a perfect 12-0 and if Michigan could have wrecked the Buckeyes’ perfect season on their field, it would have been oh so sweet. The Buckeyes will be a force next season also, however, the venue will be the Big House for next year’s contest.

Michigan fans, for the first time in a long time you can also look forward to hoop season. The Michigan hoop team is currently ranked number three in the country. Michigan ranked ahead of MSU in hoops? It’s been a long time since that has happened.

Cry me a river

I realize the Lions lost on turkey day to the

Houston Texans in an overtime thriller. They had the victory on the foot of reliable Jason

Hanson and he hit the upright from 47 yards. He hardly ever misses indoors from that range! It’s been that kind of a year for the “Cryons” and it eliminated them from playoff talk here in 2012. Detroit has definitely taken a step back from last year’s sucess on the football field.

Speaking of steps, Mr. Suh didn’t step on anybody this turkey day; he went a different route. Suh went karate-kick style to the groin of Matt Schaub, the Texans’ quarterback. What the heck is wrong with Suh? I almost want to believe he wants to be the NFL’s dirtiest player! Does he hate the Thanksgiving holiday? Suh’s two biggest incidents have happened on Thanksgiving in front of the whole country to watch. The real shame is Suh played a whale of a football game against Houston. I want to say, Mr. Suh, clean up your act and play football hard and clean the way it’s supposed to be played.

ATLANTA – 3.5 over New Orleans
CHICAGO – 4.5 over Seattle
G BAY – 9.5 over Minnesota
ST. LOUIS + 7.5 over San Francisco
Arizona + 4.5 over NEW YORK JETS
Carolina – 2.5 over KANSAS CITY
DETROIT – 4.5 over Indianapolis
BUFFALO – 6 over Jacksonville
MIAMI + 7.5 over New England
Houston – 6 over TENNESSEE
DENVER – 7 over Tampa Bay
BALTIMORE – 6.5 over Pittsburgh
OAKLAND – 1.5 over Cleveland
SAN DIEGO + 1.5 over Cincinnati
DALLAS – 6.5 over Philadelphia
WASHINGTON + 1 over New York Giants
TWO WEEKS AGO: 10-4 SEASON 80-78-2


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