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Hear the snore

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Once again the Lions snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! How many times, Lions fans, have we witnessed this feat over the last four decades? The number is getting pretty close to infinity, I believe. I sat in my seat last Sunday and could not understand the Lions coaching decisions in the last five minute of that football game.

I want to revert back to the Green Bay game when conservative play calling cost them at the end of the game. They settled for a field goal, then put the victory on the defense and they failed! No shocker with the Lions defense, to say the least. Did the coaching staff learn from that debacle of plays? The answer is, fast forward to the Colts game and it’s a loud and resounding NO! The Lions threw the ball with four minutes to go when they should have mixed in the run seeing they have a 12-point lead. They could have killed a minute and a half off the clock. I can get past those play calls and justify them for being aggressive, I guess? The “D”, or lack of “D” I should say, lets a Colts receiver get behind them for a touchdown. Which is why you don’t leave it up to those jokers. It’s Lions ball and now they go ultra conservative and think they can pound out a first down running it! Detroit, you are what you are; a passing team. If throwing it at the four-minute mark was the play call then it should be at the twominute mark also. The third down play was a pitch running play to the edge. A third grade sweep play in essence. Throw the darn ball and seal the victory. The Lions’ tough “D” allows Andrew Luck to go the lenght of the field and win on the last play of the game. The real kicker is, the Lions were a 4-7 football team and they don’t try to win it with Stafford having the ball in his possession. Go down swinging with what you do best. Do you, as fans, feel safer with the offense trying to win the game or having the Lions defense on the field? My honeymoon period is over for Schwartz and Linehan. Hear the LionsSNORE!

Hit the snooze

The college football season has closed except for the Army/Navy game on Saturday afternoon. The bowl bids have been sent out and accepted by teams. It’s the worst match ups I have ever witnessed. I think 80 percent of these games are just awful watching and draw zero interest. New Year’s Day was the best day of watching football in the good old days. Look at this line up, football fans.

Purdue against

Oklahoma State.

Purdue really?

They will get waxed and I would rather have a root canal then watch.

Northwestern and Mississippi State at least it’s semiwatchable. Nebraska and Georgia after what Nebraska did in Big Ten Championship game against the Badgers? Georgia rolls in a route. Georgia is not in a BCS game after losing to Bama? A joke that’s not even funny. Northern Illinois and Florida State? Need I say more? Wisconsin and Stanford is a decent Rose Bowl and a good competitive game. Michigan and South Carolina is worth watching. I long for the the old New Year’s Day the best of the best in college football playing. The Michigan State Spartans will play TCU on December 29. The first one to 10 wins this game. The National Title game is Bama and the Irish. I hate both of those two schools, so it will be a hard watch for me. One more game, CMU and Western Kentucky at Ford Field in the battle for a pizza.

OAKLAND + 10.5 over Denver
WASHINGTON – pk over Baltimore
CLEVELAND – 5.5 over Kansas City
PITTSBURGH – 7 over San Diego
INDIANAPOLIS 5.5 over Tennessee
JACKSONVILLE + 3 over New York Jets
MINNESOTA + 3 over Chicago.
Atlanta – 3.5 over CAROLINA
TAMPA BAY – 7 over Philadelphia
St. Louis + 3 over BUFFALO
CINCINATTI – 3 over Dallas
Miami + 10.5 over SAN FRANCISCO
N.Y. GIANTS – 6 over New Orleans
SEATTLE – 10 over Arizona
GREEN BAY – 6.5 over Detroit
Houston + 4 over NEW ENGLAND
LAST WEEK 8-8 SEASON 88-86-2


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