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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The prestigious Heisman Trophy was awarded last Saturday. The winner was Johhny Manziel from Texas A&M. The quarterback, aka “Johnny Football”, became the first redshirt freshman ever to win the award. The linebacker from Notre Dame, Manti Te’o, finished a distant second and Collin Klein, the Kansas State quarterback, third. I would have voted Te’o the winner over Manziel. The defensive players never get the respect they deserve. Te’o changed games for Notre Dame and the Irish went on to win those games. He had more interceptions then any college defensive back for cripe’s sake! The pressure will be on Manziel next season to prove he was not a one-hit wonder. I am not sold on “Johnny Football”, to be totally honest.

This Saturday starts the beginning of the college bowl season. It starts out slow and picks up steam. Next week, I will break down the Michgian State and Michigan bowl games and some of the better bowl games.

The NFL season has only three games left on the schedule and playoff spots are available to many teams. The wild card spots won’t be decided until the last weekend of the year. Let’s look at the AFC and NFC and make a few predictions on who will make the playoffs.

The AFC East winner is a no brainer with the New England Patriots. The Jets have a 6-7 record, and, believe it or not, an easy schedule down the stretch. They could get a willd card spot. Prediction: Home for the Holidays for the Jets.

The AFC North has Baltimore at 9- 4 leading the division. Pittsburgh and Cincinnatti are both 7-6 and play each other. The Steelers have Big Ben back and the edge goes to the Steelers. The AFC West is simple. Peyton Manning wins the division for Denver and will be the only team from the West in the playoffs. The AFC South division is between the Texans and Colts. Houston is 11-2 and Indianapolis 9-4. The nod goes to Houston to win the division and the Colts will make it as a wild card. Yes, rookie Andrew Luck has led the Colts to the playoffs.

Here are the seeds in order one thru six: Houston, Denver, New England, Baltimore, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. Two teams that could crash party, but won’t, are the Jets and

Bengals. The seedings will change, but these six are the

AFC representatives.

The NFC playoff picture is a bit more cloudy and has more teams in the mix. The easy division is the NFC

South. Atlanta is the winner and will be the only team in the playoffs from the



The NFC West has become very interesting with San Francisco at 9-3- 1 and Seattle sitting at 8-5. San Francisco has New England and Seattle on the schedule yet. Bold prediction: Seattle wins the NFC West. I love this Seahawks team right now. The Rams are 6-6-1 and have wildcard aspirations. They will be home for the playoffs. The NFC North will be decided Sunday when Chicago and Green Bay play. Packers will win the division and the Bears miss the playoffs. The Vikings also at 7-6 and will miss the playoffs. The NFC East is wide open and the Giants are 8-5 with Dallas and Washington at 7-6. I’ll take the Giants as division winner andWashington as a wild card. The Cowboys and Skins hook up in Washington on the season’s final day. What a game that one will be.

Here are this weeks NFL picks….

PHILADELPHIA + 3.5 over Cincinnati
Green Bay – 3 over CHICAGO
ATLANTA – 1.5 over New York Giants
NEW ORLEANS – 3 over Tampa Bay
ST. LOUIS – 3 over Minnesota
Washington -3 over CLEVELAND
MIAMI – 7 over Jacksonville
BALTIMORE + 3 over Denver
Indianapolis + 9.5 over HOUSTON
SAN DIEGO – 3 over Carolina
BUFFALO + 5 over Seattle
Detroit – 6 over ARIZONA
DALLAS + 1 over Pittsburgh
OAKLAND – 3 over Kansas City
NEW ENGLAND – 3 over San Francisco
TENNESSEE 1.5 over New York Jets
SEASON 95- 95-2 LAST WEEK 7-9


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