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Just plain pitiful

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The pitiful and lousy Arizona Cardinals, the owners of nine straight losses, ended their losing streak on Sunday afternoon. The lousy and pitiful Detroit Lions, themselves the losers of five straight, decided to make it six straight losses. The Lions’ roar of 2011 has once again become a huge snore here in 2012. The only roar that should be heard is the Lions’ fans screaming at the top of their lungs last Sunday.

It’s not that the game was important or carried much importance in the standings, or effected the NFL Playoff picture. It was a matter of pride and some sort of professionalism that obviously the Detroit Lions cared less about. That football game was a total mail-in job by Detroit. The only bright spot once again was Calvin Johnson, who is right on pace to break Jerry Rice’s record for yards in a season. Matt Stafford was down right brutal and should have been pulled after the last pick-six he tossed. The freaking Arizona Cardinals are a horrible NFL football team and were just beaten by a score of 58-0 the week before. Detroit made them look like the 1985 Chicago Bears. I have refrained from using the line heard around here for the last four decades, but I have to use it now. Same old Detroit Lions!

We have watched this team fold up numerous times over the years. We have watched this team lose to teams they should defeat easily. Arizona applies here! I have backed coach Jim Schwartz during his whole tenure as Lions coach since he took over. How could you not when he got them to the playoffs last season? He inherited a total mess of a football team. However, now the regression of this season after the progression of last season has me teetering on one Jim Schwartz. Schwartz’s team discipline has not improved at all. I feel a kid with a Mickey Mouse watch could handle clock management better than Schwartz has lately in games. The Indianapolis and Green Bay games come to my mind, as I witnessed both first hand in person. The play calling is so predictable and ridiculous. I get infuriated like all Lions fans do, and have.

Is coach Schwartz on a short leash? Has Jimmy’s honeymoon ended here in the Motor City? I say, yes, to question number one and two. The year 2013 will decide Jimmy’s future here in Detroit. The Lions need to fight for a playoff spot or make the playoffs and if those don’t happen, a new coach will be on the Lions’ sidelines. I can positively say this has been the most disappointing season as a Lions fan only because of the high expectations after making the playoffs in 2011.

Nothing will ever be more disappointing than the 0-16 season; EVER!

My thoughts have already turned to the NFL Draft and free agents and who will return in a Detroit uniform next season. Oh, how things can change in just one year in the NFL. Same old Lions!

Holiday Sport Shorts: How about those Toronto Blue Jays? Toronto just traded for the N.L. Cy Young award winner R.A. Dickey from the New York Mets. The Toronto Blue Jays are the favorites, in my opinion, to win the American League-East Division. No Yankees or Red Sox? I say nope. The L.A. Angels sign Josh Hamilton away from division rival Texas. How about Hamilton and Albert Pujols in the same line up? Jim Boeheim wins his 900th college hoops game, joining coach Bob Knight and Duke’s coach K. The Detroit Pistons are totally unwatchable; wow are they horrible. Michigan hoops are top-10 caliber and Trey Burke is awesome. My NFL picks stunk last week…

Atlanta – 4.5 over “The Quitters” DETROIT
GREEN BAY – 11.5 over Tennessee
CAROLINA – 8.5 over Oakland
Buffalo + 4.5 over MIAMI
PITTSBURGH – 4 over Cincinnati
New England – 14.5 over JACKSONVILLE
Indianapolis – 6.5 over KANSAS CITY
New Orleans + 3 over DALLAS
Washington – 4.5 over PHILADELPHIA
TAMPA BAY – 3 over St. Louis
New York Giants – 2 over BALTIMORE
HOUSTON – 7.5 over Minnesota
Cleveland + 13.5 over DENVER
Chicago – 6 over ARIZONA
SEATTLE + 1 over San Francisco
San Diego + 3 over NEW YORK JETS
SEASON: 103-103-2 LAST WEEK 8-8


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