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Lucky or unlucky?

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year here in 2013. Please don’t let the 13 become an unlucky number for you this year.

The early newspaper deadlines during the holiday season has me writing this article a lot earlier than normal. It’s Saturday morning and I want to wish the Spartans good luck tonight in their bowl game against the TCU Horned Frogs. The same can be said on New Year’s Day for the Wolverines against the South Carolina Gamecocks. It would be a great way to end the college football seasons for MSU and U-of-M with victories.

Speaking of victories! How about the Central Michigan (Fire Up Chips) victory in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl over Western Kentucky? Dan Enos, the head coach of CMU, needed that to help build his program up there in Mount Pleasant,

Michigan. The CMU football team reeled off some nice victories to close out the season. It was nice to watch them win a bowl game. The negative side for me is, I can’t watch anymore 6-6 football teams playing in bowl games. I really feel like you should be at least 7-5 and be over the

.500 mark to qualify. There are just to many bowl games now on television. Believe me, for me to say that, from a man who absolutely loves football, it should be taken seriously. Thirty-five bowl games is overkill. I know the ratings on television prove me to be wrong. If people aren’t watching there would not be all these games on television. Oh, and for me, a lot of these games have been abysmal to watch !!

How did the NFL selections end up, you ask? We did miss a few weeks of the NFL due to early deadlines, but that can’t be helped. The season record was 112-110, a lousy two games over .500. I will take it, as I struggled to get to .500 for most of the NFL season. I am proud to have finished over .500, as it is not easy to do. Trust me on that. Try it next season and you will see what I am saying. The most disappointment comes from the 8-7 lock picks! They should be around 10-5 or 11-4, to be totally honest. Really, to be one game over .500 is an embarrassment. Hopefully, next year will bring better things for me in the NFL. Remember this though, come Super Bowl time, I am rock solid. Do not miss that selection!

Let’s look at a few 2013 wishes for the Fat Guy and our sports teams. I’m looking for the Tigers to return to the playoffs and then the World Series. Once reaching the World Series, let’s win a game first! Then win the darned thing. I also hope Victor Martinez comes back healthy and contributes. The next wish is for a closer! A bonafide closer please no more CLOWNS! The Lions to return to the playoffs, or at least compete for a playoff spot. This four- or five-win season is not tolerable any longer. It was disgraceful watching them once again in 2012. Calvin Johnson, thank you for providing a season to remember in a season that needs to be forgotten. Lions, find a running back and some secondary help for next season. The Pistons need to keep playing the young players and have a long way to go to get back in the playoff mix. NHL, it would be nice to watch some hockey here in 2013, but I am not holding my breath. College hoops in March should be entertaining with MSU and Michigan having excellent hoop teams. Final Four for both would be nice!! Michigan State is used to playing for Final Four appearances. The same cannot be said for the Wolverines. Could this be the Wolverines’ year?

I hope your holiday season has been as fantastic as mine has been. Happy 2013!


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