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Will someone please tell caddie Steve Williams to shut the H-E-Double hockey sticks up! Mr. Williams, the ex-Tiger Woods caddie, was on the bag of Adam Scott this past weekend at the Bridgestone golf tournament. Adam Scott won the tournament convincingly by four shots over Ricky Fowler. It should be an Adam Scott highlight, right?

Well, it isn’t, as Steve Williams spouts off at the trap how it’s the best week of his life. Are you kidding me, Steve? Tiger Woods had you caddie for him for numerous years and made you a lot of money. My advice is take the high road and shut your sand trap mouth up. Poor Adam Scott wins and all the talk is about a caddie. How about a little love for Adam Scott, please. 

By the way, Tiger Woods wasn’t very impressive in his return to the golf world. I don’t believe we will ever see Tiger Woods’ dominance on the course again.

The Detroit Lions open up the exhibition season this weekend against the "Bungles" of Cincinnati. It is at Ford Field if you feel like watching a pre-season game. Horrible news came out of Lions camp today as Mikel Leshoure, the running back selected in the second round out of Illinois, is done for the season. Leshoure tore his left Achilles tendon during an 11-on-11 drill. It was a high hit delivered by Cliff Avril. What a huge loss for the Lions’ football squad. Leshoure was to take pressure off of Jahvid Best in the backfield. Mikel would run between the tackles and gain the tough yards in the middle of the football field. This is the second injury to a top pick, as first-rounder Nick Fairley is out all of training camp with a foot injury.

The NFL training camp has not been kind to the Motor City Kittys, so far. The positive on the injury report is number nine Matty Stafford has been healthy. I just knocked on wood, by the way. I think this pre-season will be an intersting one in that I think the starting players need to play more than usual. I will be curious to see how teams approach the pre-season here in 2011. Mr. Stafford needs the work and so does the Lions’ offense and defense. Let’s play the starters, please, coach Schwartz! The Lions need to pick up a replacement for Leshoure and I say bring back ex-Lion Kevin Smith. How about Tiki Barber? Just saying!

All you Leyland haters will get one more year of hating. The Tigers extended his contract one more year until the end of 2012. Why not wait until the end of the season? I mean, if the Tigs choke away this Central Division title again in the month of September, do we really want grouchyas heck Jimmy Leyland back as manager? I sure as heck don’t.

Dave Dombrowski recieved a new four-year deal as GM of the Tigers. The pizza-man owner must love how Dombrowski wastes his pizza dough! How can Dombrowski get a four-year extension? Let the Fat Guy have an open wallet and I’ll bring Tiger Town home a World Series winner. Trust me on that one!

Tiger fans, do you realize the Tigers have not won a division title since 1987?! That’s a lousy 24 years ago. Remember the 2006 World Series appearance was as a wild card participant. I thought Doug Fister pitched real well in his Tiger debut on the bump. He allowed only two earned runs and the Tigers picked up the victory. I can’t believe "el fatso" Papa Grande has not blown a save all year long out of the bullpen. Why do I get this funny feeling that in September he will blow about five or six games? I think because it’s the law of averages and he has been a very lucky man so far!

Mr. Valverde’s saves are about as pretty as I am looking at my fat gut in the mirror after a shower. A big series this week is against the second-place Cleveland Indians. A three-game sweep by the Tigs would be real sweet! I might even head down to the game Wednesday night. One more thing, the Fat Guy show will be back on the air on WQUS 103.1 10 a.m.-noon on Saturday, August 20. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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