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Beat Down bowl

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The holiday season is finally over, and so is the college bowl season. Michigan came up short against South Carolina on a lastsecond loss. It was a great game to watch on New Year’s Day. The Michigan State Spartans were winner winner, chicken dinner over TCU. The Spartans’ game was a nice late comeback-victory in the fourth quarter. Sparty On!!

The final college game, the National Championship game, was played Monday night in Miami. The game was about as exciting as a vasectomy with electric hedge clippers. Notre Dame was totally out classed by Alabama and really had no business playing in this game. Notre Dame was 12-0, an ugly 12-0, let’s be honest. Their signature win was a beat down of Oklahoma. Oklahoma was railroaded by Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl. Texas A&M defeated Alabama earlier this season. I can tell you Oregon or A&M would have given Alabama a better game than the Irish. When I quit watching a National Title game and stop watching after one half of football, that should tell you something right there.

Alabama has now won three of the last four college football championship games. Dynasty is what is going on at Alabama right now. I don’t buy the power of the SEC conference because of its low academics compared to other conferences. Like it or hate it, that’s the truth. Alabama and Nick Saban will be right back in the mix again next year, so college football fans might as well just get used to it! Alabama is the program all others want to be, like it or hate it. Notre Dame was one of the worst undefeated teams I have seen. I will throw in Ohio State this year also! Like it or hate it!

The NFL playoffs take center stage this weekend, so let’s break down the four games and pick some winners. We will start with Saturday’s games first. The first game time is 4:30 p.m. and the Baltimore Ravens travel to the Mile High City in Denver. Yes. Mr. Peyton Manning awaits his first playoff game as the Denver Broncos’ quarterback. This is a rematch game. Denver won in Baltimore, 31-17, a month ago. Football fans, this will be no different of a result. The Denver boys are a smoking-hot football team right now. The Ravens will be eliminated from the playoffs on Saturday. Joe Flacco or Peyton Manning. Who do you want as your quarterback? Thought so! Cheese Ball Prediction: Denver 31 and Ray’s Last Blast 17.

The Saturday night dandy is a rematch of week one, which was a San Francisco win over Green Bay in Green Bay. The Packers now travel out West to play the “Niners” in San Francisco. A rookie quarterback in San Fran and the best in the business, Mr. Rodgers of the Packers. The edge offensively goes to the Packers in this contest. The problem is the other side of the ball for Green Bay, the defense! It is not very good. The “Niners” defense is really, really good. I don’t think the Packers can run the ball on them and that will cause a problem for Green Bay. Prediction: San Fran Again 27 and Pack Attack 23.

Sunday’s 1 p.m. kick off is the Falcons and Seahawks in Atlanta. Seattle is a red-hot squad against first-round chokers Atlanta. One team and player the Falcons and Matty Always Iced Up” Ryan need is a first-round playoff win to get the choker tag off of them. They are a great regular-season team, yet playoff failures. I see the choker tag eliminated and the Seahawks eliminated in this one. Prediction: Finally A Win: 24 and Seattle Failure 20.

The late game is a rematch of a New England win, 42-14, over the Houston Texans! Enough said! Prediction Brady’s Bunch 42 and Houston Loses again 24. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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