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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The NFL Divisional Playoffs have concluded and four teams remain in the Super Bowl chase. The shocker of the weekend was the double overtime victory by the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, once again, Peyton Manning and his team folded as huge favorites in the playoffs. Manning’s playoff record, you ask? How about a dismal 9-11. Many of those losses at home as a huge favorite makes it worse. Peyton is a great regular-season quarterback, but terrible playoff quarterback.

Ray Lewis’ retirement party will be extended one more week at least. I thought Joe Flacco played excellent football against Denver and his best performance in the playoffs. Joe ain’t flashy, but he does produce victories.

The other AFC game was a New England white washing of the Houston Texans once again. It will be Baltimore at New England, a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship game. The NFC featured a “Smack The Pack” by the San Francisco Forty-Niners on Saturday night. The Green Bay defense allowed 586 yards of offense. Nice effort defensively, Green Bay! That was an embarrassment. Colin Kaepernick toasted, scorched or burned, take your choice of words, the Green Bay defense. He accounted for 444 yards running and throwing. He sure has made coach Jim Harbaugh a coaching genius. Where will exquarterback Alex Smith be playing next year?

The Atlanta Falcons finally won a playoff game over Seattle. They tried to blow a 20-point fourthquarter lead and the game. They did blow the lead, but received a last-second field goal for the victory. I have to say, Atlanta is one of the biggest gaggers in the NFL. Matty “ICE” Ryan, the Atlanta quarterback, should be called Matty “Ice Melter” Ryan, in my opinion. The Falcons were lucky to escape with the win. Let’s look at the matchups and see who will be playing for a Super Bowl victory on February 3.

The NFC game is first on the docket next Sunday in Atlanta. The kick-off is set for 3 p.m. The Atlanta Falcons are playing at home, yet Las Vegas has installed them as four-point underdogs! The Falcons are getting Rodney Dangerfield treatment with no respect.

Quite honestly, they don’t deserve any, either!

San Francisco is going to run the ball down this Falcons’ defense throat; Frank Gore and Kaepernick both. The

Falcons allowed a ton of yardage to the Seahawks and It will be worse with San Francisco. Matty Ryan is not a big-game or big-time quarterback. He will throw two picks in this game, just like he has in all his other playoff games. The one thing he has going for him is his receiving core is tremendous. This could be Tony Gonzalez’ last game as an NFL tight end. He is contemplating retirement. Will home field be enough for the Falcons’ to advance on Sunday? Here is the answer to that one. Cheeseball Prediction: Niner Diner Serving Falcon 31 and South For The Winter 20.

Ray Lewis and the Ravens will try to send Ray Ray out on a winning note with a trip to the Super Bowl. Problem? Yeah, it’s called the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. New England is looking for its sixth trip in the last 12 years. How impressive is that! Baltimore will need Joe Flacco to continue his stellar playoff quarterbacking for the Ravens to advance. Las Vegas has installed the Patriots as ninepoint favorites. The underdog Ravens were nine-point underdogs last week in Denver. Is there another miracle victory in the cards for Ray Lewis and company? Prediction: Patriots and Brady 38 and Ray To The Rocking Chair 24.

The Detroit Red Wings open season in St. Louis on Saturday night! Yes, Hockeytown is back open for business! Go Wings! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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