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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Baltimore Ravens take home the Lombardi Trophy with a 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, and the Fat Guy’s streak of 10 straight Super Bowl winning picks comes to a screeching halt.

The power went out of the crystal cheeseball just like the power went out for 34 minutes at the Super Bowl in New Orleans. That was some crazy delay, wasn’t it? I will say this, the delay definitely helped the San Francisco team regroup and get its act together. I really believe, if not for the power delay, the Baltimore Ravens would have routed the “Niners” in Super Bowl XLVIII. The momentum of that kickoff return to start off the third quarter by Baltimore was a knock-out blow. When the lights came back on, the Baltimore Ravens had trouble regaining the momentum they had flowing their way. San Francisco then reeled off 17 points in four minutes and change to get back into the game. The Super Bowl then went from a snoozer to a doozer of a game. I will say this, it was not one of the greatest Super Bowl games of all time like I have heard some people say. How many of you contemplated shutting it off when it was 28-6 and that long delay was happening? I say numerous people thought about it, and many did.

Let’s look at some of the story lines of this Super Bowl XLVIII. Joe Flacco’s tremendous playoff run and Super Bowl is a fabulous one. Joe tossed 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions in guiding Baltimore to victory. Joe has been scrutinized and torn apart by the media, fans, and me. Is Joe an elite quarterback in the NFL? The jury on elite is still debatable. What’s not debatable is he has been very good in the playoffs over his career. Joe’s contract is up and his $6 million deal will now become a $15 to $20 million deal with that Super Bowl victory. He has earned it, too! He also has made a believer out of me, so I will no longer rag on him. Joe’s contract being up at the end of this year couldn’t have been better timing for him! Show Joe The Money!

Ray Lewis’s career-ending game happens to hardly anyone in the NFL. He announces he is retiring after an illustrious 17-year NFL career and wins the Super Bowl. How darned sweet is that?! Man to go out a winner is what every professional athlete dreams of, I would think. Ray did it. I respect Ray Lewis and his football accomplishments on the football field. I, like many have however, have not forgotten the

Atlanta scandal and his cover up in that murder investigation. He did turn his life around and credit must be given there where credit is due. It took that Atlanta situation for Ray Lewis to see the light and he did. Ray, in my opinion, you were one of the best linebackers I ever watched play in my lifetime. Enjoy the Lombardi Trophy and your retirement.

I have a funny feeling that Ed Reed will also announce his retirement this spring or summer. It’s just a strong hunch I have. Mr. Reed has been contemplating retirement the last few years and maybe he wants to go out on top also.

The San Francisco 49ers have found their quarterback for the future, it looks like, in Colin Kaeperncik. I thought he played a terrible game in the Super Bowl, however. I thought he played like the stage was too big for him. I also thought the San Francisco game plan in the first half did not feature him running the football enough. That is what he does well. I give the S.F. offensive game plan a failing grade. I also thought the defense did not live up to the hype of how great it was supposed to be. The defense was a huge disappointment in this Super Bowl. My last observation is John Harbaugh is now 2- 0 against his little brother Jimmy. Well, football fans, it will be a long three months to the draft and six months until training camps open. The football withdrawal process has already started! The Lions, by the way, released Titus Young! Good bye you little under achieving baby. He can pout and take his personality disorder somewhere else in the NFL. He will not be missed! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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