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Streaking halt

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Anybody out there ready for football season yet? I know I am already in deep mourning and it has only been over for one lousy week. I am still upset over my Super Bowl losing pick, too! The Fat Guy did not want to see his 10-0 streak of winners come to a streaking halt.

I guess we can have draft discussions and free agent signings to look forward to over the next few months. One question for next season has been answered already. The Philadelphia Eagles have decided to keep Mike “Vapor Rub” Vick, signing him to a one year contract. The new coach, Chip Kelly, looked at him on film and liked what he saw. Mr. Vick, however, did have to restructure his contract to stay in Philadelphia. He was signed all the way until the year 2016. Mike will make $10 million next season. I believe Chip Kelly made the right decision in keeping him. There will be a lot of high-priced talent let go in the next month or so due to salary cap issues. What will the Detroit “Cry Ons” do? We shall see.

Big Ten Clash

The big game in college hoops takes place tonight (Tuesday) at the Breslin Center. The number-four ranked Michigan Wolverines travel up the highway to face numbereight Michigan State. How about this is the first time ever in this series that the two schools have faced each other when ranked in the top ten? I found that very interesting. It tells me when one school was good in hoops the other was not. I love what coach Tom Izzo stated “In a sick way, it is great that the two schools are both on top in college basketball”. I have to agree with him.

The Breslin Center will be as loud as it’s ever been when that game tips off. The game has huge Big Ten standing implications. The Spartans sit atop at 9-2 and so does Indiana. Michigan and Wisconsin are in third and fourth at 8-3. Basically, a Michigan loss to their rivals and it’s Big Ten title hopes are gone. When I look at this game, the MSU team has the advantage in the paint. The size of Nix at 6-foot-9 and 6-foot-10 Payne will be a tough match up for Jon Horford and Mitch McGary.

The bum ankle of Morgan for Michigan really hurts them inside. Let’s see how that plays out in determining the winner of this basketball game. Keith

Appling and Trey Burke will be a dandy battle, too!

Michigan State is winners of nine of its last 10 and can thank

Appling, who is averaging 14 points and four assists. Trey Burke is on a 17 points and seven assist ratio. The last to post those kind of numbers? The one and only great, Magic Johnson! Talk about being in some elite company, Mr. Burke is there. Here is my prediction for the game: Michigan 64 and Michigan State 59. Just a hunch on the Wolverines because they are tired of being Michigan State’s little brother on the hardwood!

College hoop and the numberone ranking in the country are like oil and water. Duke is now back on top in college basketball. We have now had six straight weeks of a new number one. I don’t remember such a topsy turvy season like this. The parity in college hoops here in 2012/13 is awesome, I think. The March Madness tournament will be the best it’s been in years. I believe you can make a case for 10-15 teams to win it all! I say if you want a shot at winning your bracket, start doing some scouting and evaluating right now. The team I like right now is the Miami Hurricanes. Remember that come March.

Winged Wheels

The Detroit Red Wings are playing a little better hockey of late. They have crept up to number two in the division. The Chicago Blackhawks have yet to lose a game in regulation. An awesome start at 10-0 for the rival “Hawks”.


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