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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

My prediction of Michigan beating Michigan State couldn’t have been any further off than the bathroom scale needle stopping at 180 when I step on it. The Spartans flat out crushed, annihilated and embarrassed the Wolverines all on the same night. The crowd was loving it, too, as it was loud up there in East Lansing. The Spartan fans couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces for days. I know my phone was blowing up with text messages like crazy. I guess I shouldn’t have talked so much smack.

Michigan, on the other hand, should be embarrassed with that type of an effort in a huge game. When you analyze it, Michigan has not showed a few times on the big stage. It should concern all Michigan hoop fans, to be totally honest. Tom Izzo is one of the top three coaches in college basketball, in my opinion. He has this basketball team sitting a top of the Big Ten standings when nobody thought they would be. Izzo gets the most out of his players year in and year out. I thought earlier in the season he didn’t have much of a team. Boy, was I wrong! I think the Spartans will defeat Indiana tonight (Tuesday) and have sole possession of first place in the conference race. I also feel as though the Spartans will go on to win the Big Ten title here in 2012-13. Could this be another Final Four team for the coach? I definitely can see a March run for the title for the Michigan State Spartans. Michigan fans, I am not so sure! I can say this, though. Trey Burke is the best guard in college basketball. It’s not even close either.

Patience test

The Detroit Red Wings are testing my patience this hockey season. I know we, as Red Wings fans, have been spoiled by the past two decades of success with the four Stanley Cup winners and the two Stanley Cup appearances that ended up as runners-up. The fact that the Detroit Red Wings make the playoffs every single season gives us playoff hockey in Hockeytown. It has been awesome. I ask, though, is this the season where it comes to an end? The defense is what I call terrible at the blue line. I would say every game the opposing team has numerous oddman rush opportunities to score. That never used to happen like it does now. The passing from tape to tape by previous Red Wing teams was phenomenal and greatly appreciated. The passing of the puck on this year’s team is real bad. I thought it would get better as the season progressed, but it hasn’t.

I know the team has been bit by the injury bug and that hasn’t helped. The shuttle between Detroit and Grand Rapids has burned tank loads of gas.

That for sure has effected the play on the ice. Who would have ever thought the Detroit Red Wing powerplay would be absolutely anemic? Hockey fans, a weak power play in today’s NHL equals losses in the loss column. Go look at teams that are winning and I guarantee you their power play is in the top 10. There are just so many penalties called in today’s game, I see why me and Mickey Redmond get so upset. I hate all the interference and pitty-patty calls made by the referees. It’s wrecking the game, in my opinion. The bottom line is, the Red Wings are going to struggle to keep up the 21 years of playoff hockey here in 2013. I hope they get it going and don’t let it happen. I wonder if Nick Lidstrom and Tomas Holmstrom saw this coming and that is why the chose to retire when they did? Just saying!!

Crying shame

The NBA season resumes after the worthless All-Star game was played over the weekend. The Pistons are just playing out the string again waiting for it to be over with. The crowds at the Palace are as sparse as ever. How sad is that? I guess, put a winning team on the floor and the crowds will get better. Joe Dumars needs to go!!

Girl power

The NASCAR Super Bowl is this Sunday. Yes, it’s Daytona 500 time and a girl is the pole sitter. I hope Danica Patrick wins it and then it will give Honey Boo Boo some hope to become somebody when she gets older. If she doesn’t win, I hope it’s Jeff Gordon!!


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