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Super Bowl of races

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Daytona 500 race is over and the winner is none other than fivetime champion Jimmie Johnson. This was Johnson’s second Daytona win as he won back in 2006. Mr. Johnson is off to a good start in his chase for his sixth championship. Danica Patrick, the pole sitter, finished up in eighth place, the highest finish ever for a woman in the Daytona 500. I know people who follow NASCAR racing have an opinion on Danica, as they either like her or hate her. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I can tell you this, I watched the race on Sunday mainly because she was in it. I don’t watch a lot of NASCAR, as many of you know by now. I do watch the Super Bowl of racing, the Daytona 500, every year. I was especially interested this year because of her. I must not have been the only one, as the ratings were the highest since 2006. They were 30% higher than last year, but I feel the rainout and a Monday night race contributed to that number. I love the fact she has the green car, which sticks out from the others, so it was easy to follow her all race long. A smart move by the Go Daddy.com team, if you ask me. I will say overall, I thought the race was boring with way too much single-file racing. There is not enough passing of cars for me. I want to see action. I did think it was cool that Johnson won the race on his 400th career start. He is one awesome driver for sure. I am done watching NASCAR for the year 2013.

By the numbers

The Indiana Hoosiers are holding on to the number-one spot in college basketball. Who’s number two, you ask? How about the great Gonzaga Bulldogs of the great Far West? I think it’s great that they have snuck up the polls quietly. If you have not watched Gonzaga all year long, you should. This is a great college basketball team. I want you to remember that when filling out your March Madness brackets.

Here is another sleeper team that you shouldn’t sleep on: the Saint Louis Billikens. They are a complete basketball team which can bust some brackets in March. Please store them in your memory bank.

Let’s get back to Indiana. They are going to win the Big Ten title. They are a solid 12-2 and hold a two-game lead over Michigan and Michigan State which each have four losses. I don’t see Indiana losing two more games with only Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio State and Michigan left on their schedule. We all know Michigan and Michigan State meet on Sunday at 4 p.m. in Ann Arbor. One of these teams will suffer another loss come Sunday. Michigan was blown out by the Spartans the last time they met on the hoop floor. Remember that smack down Wolverine fans? I do, and I know Sparty fans remember it real well! Will the Wolverines win the rematch? I say, yes, in a very close ball game. Prediction: Michigan 63 and Sparty 59. Oh, and this one will be in March! Do you feel the madness coming? I do.

Boys of spring

The Detroit Tigers have begun spring training and things have gone pretty smooth so far. The brightest spot is the fact that Victor Martinez, who hasn’t played baseball in 16 months, is hitting the baseball. Victor Martinez is a huge piece in that Tiger lineup in 2013. We all assumed he would come back and be the big stick he was before his injury. Yet, it was still unknown how he would come back from the injury. I have to say, it’s early, but the sign points to Victor being healed up and ready to go. What a relief that is, Tiger fans. A switch-hitting DH who is a real professional hitter with a solid resume and track record. Victor can flat out rake and he should all season long in the Ole’ English D. Welcome back, Victor Martinez! This Tiger lineup looks so sweet on paper. I can’t wait for Opening Day in Minnesota.

Go Get ’em Detroit Tigers. Another World Series trip would be nice with better results this time around!! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com.

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