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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Atlantic Athletic Club provided drama and anxious moments at the 93rd PGA Championship this past weekend. The drama was supplied by no-name golfers Jason Dufner and Keegan Bradley. Who?

Yes, I said the same thing on Sunday afternoon. Let’s set the stage, golf fans. Jason Dufner holds a five-stroke lead with three holes to play. Dufner is your winner! Well, not so fast, my golfing friends. Dufner duffs one off the tee into the water on hole 15, the same hole Bradley triplebogeyed on. Keegan Bradley then sinks a 50- to 60-footer on hole 17 for birdie and we have a golf match. The match goes into a three-hole playoff. The winner is….Keegan Bradley, who became only the second player in 98 years to win a Major in his first try.

The question now becomes, will Keegan continue on and become somebody on the tour, or become the one-hit wonder and never be heard from again? I’ll vote for drifting into Never Never Land on the PGA Tour! Keegan, enjoy it and don’t spend all the $1.4 million all in one place. It was a fairy tale story with a fairy tale ending. For Jason Dufner, it was a Freddie Kruger Nightmare On Your Street!! And, Tiger Woods, well, you need some time on the range!

The Detroit Tigers made an aquisition on Monday night, acquiring Delmon Young from the Minnesota Twins for Cole Nelson and a player to be named later. Cole Nelson was a lefthander pitching in Class A ball in Lakeland, Florida. Delmon Young, an outfielder, was the number-one pick of the Tampa Bay Rays in 2003. The "Twinkies" traded for him in 2008. This season, Young was hitting .266 with four homers and 32 RBI in 84 games. Delmon Young’s best year was 2010 hitting .298 and 21 homers. The positive side of this trade is Delmon Young is only 25-years old, and, he just hit a home run in his first at bat as a Tiger!! Maybe he will play to his number-one pick potential.

I like the trade, and hopefully, it pans out for the Tigers. We don’t need another Aubrey Huff-type numbers! I cannot say enough about Justin Verlander and the season he is having on the hill. He pitched a must-win victory over Cleveland last week when the Tigers desperately needed it. Mr. Verlander is on his way to the American League Cy Young Award! He is the front runner and I think he will win it. The Tigs need to keep the White Sox in their rearview mirror. Ozzie Guillen has the Sox playing much better baseball lately. The month of September will be a dandy of a race for the Central Division crown.

Kid Rock was rocking Comerica Park last Friday and Saturday. Well, right next door, the Detroit Lions were rocking the Cincinnati Bengals at Ford Field. A 34-3 shellacking was administered by the Motor City Kittys. The Lions’ offense looked real good and ditto for the defense. I realize it’s the "Bungles" and it’s only pre-season football. I truly believe teams like the Lions need to win and experience the feeling of winning. They need to build off those four season-ending victories of last year. Confidence and attitude is a prescription a doctor would order for the Detroit Lions. The exhibition season is treated different by all NFL teams. If you take teams like Pittsburgh, New England, and Baltimore, they already have established a winning lockerroom. They are less worried about winning and more about evaluating their rookies and free agent players.

The Lions, Browns, Bengals need to learn how to win. What better way than winning in the exhibition season? Win them all, Lions, but don’t repeat the 4-0 pre-season and 0-16 regular season of a couple years ago, please. I don’t think that will happen again!!

The Fat Guy’s crystal cheddar sharp cheese ball has been plugged in now since August. I look to provide excellent NFL picks against the spread once again here in 2011. I am the best handicapper over the long haul in the NFL. I highly recommend you follow my picks and my lock picks! Make yourself look smart and ride the Fat Guy handicapping train. I cannot wait for the NFL’s real season to kick off ! By the way, hate the new kick-off rule; it stinks! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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