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Cardinals trump Wolverines

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Louisville Cardinals are the champions of college basketball for the 2012-13 season. Michigan fell short in its bid to win it all by a score of 82-76. In the first half, Michigan jumped out to a 12-point lead only to lead by one point at halftime, 38- 37. Luke Hancock hit four straight three balls to close out the first half for Louisville.

Michigan’s Spike Albrecht was the Michigan hero, hitting shot after shot in the first half, while Trey Burke was on the bench with two fouls. Michigan fans can thank the referees for Trey being on the pine. The phantom foul changed the complexion of the first half for Michigan. Michigan coach John Beilein chose to sit Burke the entire first half. I want to say that I highly disagreed with this decision. Burke is your best player and realized his situation on the floor. A point guard of all players can play without fouling easier than low-post players. Trey should have entered the game at the five- or four-minute mark of the half. I feel as if you can’t trust your best player, who can you trust as a coach? Trey Burke’s presence would not have allowed the Louisville run of 14-3 to close the half and only trail by a point. Spike played great but he ain’t Trey Burke!

I also need to get this off my huge gut right now. The officiating was the worst ever for an NCAA title game. They missed a goal tend call, kicked ball, called a foul on a clean block, and numerous foul calls and non-foul calls. I thought it was a total disgrace and they should not be allowed to cash their game checks. It was embarrassing and I hope they watch the tape of the game and realize how much they sucked. It did not cause Michigan to lose the game, I am not saying that at all. They stunk for both teams equally!

Rick Pitino earned his money as a college coach, thoroughly outcoaching Beilein in this game. Coaching matters college hoop fans, it just does. I like Beilein, but he needs to learn from this championship game the mistakes he made. He needed to foul at the end of the game and he has two players on the floor with four fouls each? It cost Michigan 10 seconds of precious time. It’s simple things like that the average fans miss.

It was a great run by the Wolverines and the future looks bright for Michigan basketball. They are young and now we all must wait to see who will enter the NBA draft. Trey Burke is leaving for sure, in my opinion. The others should stay, I think.

Let’s not forget the MSU Spartans. They will will be back as a power next year, too! The state of Michigan and college hoops will be strong in 2013-14. The March Madness is over and Louisville is number one!

Masters of their fate

The Masters takes place this week in Augusta, Georgia. It’s the best golf tournament to watch of the year. Nothing beats the Masters. The golf course is always in pristine condition. I love watching these pro golfers struggle on greens putting and trying to manage their way through the pressure of winning this golf major. All golfers want to put on the green jacket! Just ask them. Tiger Woods will be all the talk leading up to the Masters. Can he win another green jacket and major title? I say he can, but he won’t this weekend. No reason why, just a Fat Guy gut hunch that he will not be the winner. I can’t wait to watch on Sunday afternoon and see who does win it.

Failure to communicate

The Detroit Tigers’ closer-bycommittee failed on day two in Minnesota. How did they lose two of three to those Twinkies? The Tigers bounced back on Opening Day in Detroit with an 8-3 victory over the Yankees. I was there partying like a rock star in the “D”. It was fun and awesome. I asbsolutely love Opening Day in Detroit.


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