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On a wing and a prayer

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Detroit Red Wings 21-consecutive playoff streak is in jeopardy. Monday’s game against Phoenix was absolutely a must win if playoffs are in the cards for the Wings. Currently, the men in red and white trail the Columbus Blue Jackets by three points for the eighth and final playoff spot. The positive side is, Detroit has four games left and Columbus only two. My math says if Detroit wins out, it is in for the 22nd consecutive season. I have this awesome and gut-trembling feeling the Wings will just squeeze into the playoffs. No rhyme or reason, just a Fat Guy hunch. Jimmy Howard has been stellar between the pipes and he will be the difference. I love the fact that Jimmy Howard will remain in Hockeytown for the next six years. Detroit just couldn’t afford to lose him, so signing that contract extension was a smart move by Red Wing management. Howard is a solid NHL goaltender and will be over the next six seasons, too. I know a lot of hockey fans in Detroit feel as though this team will be one round and done if it gets in. I say that is okay because this team is young and needs the playoff experience. The experience of playoff hockey cannot be under valued. Hockey playoffs are so much different than the regular season, as the youngsters will find out if they make the playoffs. Come on, Red Wings. Don’t let me down! I need playoff hockey in the “D.”

Broomed overboard

The Detroit Tigers are 9-9 after a 10-day trip out to the West Coast. The Tigs ran into a sweep against the L.A. Angels last weekend. The Angels were a dismal 4-10 and a floundering baseball team. The problem is, the Angels are a good baseball team with talent, which is underachieving so far in 2013. The Angels righted the ship and the Tigers were tossed overboard.

The first place Royals rolled into Comerica Park for a three-game series that started Tuesday. These slow starts by the Tigers are getting a little annoying every single April. The Tigers are head and shoulders the best team in this division! They need to start playing like it. Come on, Bengals!

Extreme makeover

Lawerence Frank is out as Pistons’ coach after two non-productive years. Really? How could Frank win with this pitiful roster assembled by Joe “Worthless G.M.” Dumars?! How is he keeping his job? He stinks and needs to be shown the door right now! Bad contracts, bad trades (Iverson), numerous bad draft picks and no fans in the seats! Watching this basketball team is more painful than pulling out your teeth with pliers. Joe must go! Can you hear the chant ? I can! The Pistons need an extreme makeover if they want to win me back as a Detroit Pistons fan!! Where is Darko? Are you listening Joe? Where is Darko, I ask!

On pins and needles

The NFL draft starts Thursday night and the Lions pick number five. Who will they take? I have no idea, to be totally honest. I will tune in like the rest of you Lions’ fans to find out. This year’s NFL draft might be the most boring one that I can remember. No big time quarterbacks or star power will be on the podium. I guess it will be substance over flash. I will say this, Matt Barkley will be a better quarterback than Geno Smith. Mark that statement down on your scratch pad. I think trading down will be the theme of the night.

How about the rise of Central Michigan offensive lineman Eric Fisher? What a nice payday coming for Mr. Fisher. The NFL schedule gave Detroit a home game on Monday night in December against the Baltimore Ravens. Turkey Day the Packers come to Ford Field. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com.

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