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It’s about time football talk has emerged for the upcoming season. Yes, we have college football firing up. The NFL training camps are all in motion and all the NFL teams are 0-0 and believe they can win the Super Bowl here in 2010-11.

If the players on your favorite team don’t believe it, then you don’t want them on your football team. This Super Bowl belief even belongs in Lions camp as far fetched as that may seem. Speaking of what belongs in Lions camp, the number two pick Ndamukong Suh. Mr. Suh is missing valuable time and he needs to learn as much as possible before the season kicks off. Mr. Suh should be a huge contributor to the defensive line for your lovable Lions football team. Hopefully, by the time you read this, the young man will be signed, sealed and delivered to Allen Park, Michigan.

I want to share one more thought on the Matt “Mickey Mouse” Millen era. I read this in my Sports Illustrated
the other day. There are no Detroit Lions on the roster that were drafted by Millen from 2002-2006. How unbelievable is that fact? It’s really bad when you figure how high they were picking players in that time frame. Matt Millen set this franchise back a good decade with all his garbage decisions. What a joke he was!

Let’s look at other notable NFL news on the front page of the news sections. The Washington Redskins have a total mess going on with Albert Haynesworth. Haynesworth cashed his $21 million bonus check a couple months ago. However he can’t cash in conditioning time to allow himself on the practice field. Actually, one must question how much lard-tail Albert wants to see the practice field. I give credit to coach Mike Shanahan for making an example of a player just taking the money and not caring about winning. A new regime is in the nation’s capital and Haynesworth doesn’t like it.

The New York Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis has decided to hold out for more loot. He feels he should be the highest paid corner in the NFL. I hate players who don’t fulfill a contract that they actually signed. I think Revis was overpaid when he signed the deal. However, now that he is a top corner he wants to break the bank. Hey, Revis, you signed the deal, so live up to it. Yes, Brett Favre talk is on the

back burner, so you know he will be in Minnesota camp in two weeks.

The Big Ten pre-season pick to win it all is the Ohio State Buckeyes. No huge surprise there. OSU is loaded with talent and with a little luck could play in the NCAA title game. The Buckeyes, as much as I hate to say it, are the cream of the crop in the Big Ten. The Iowa Hawkeyes and the Wisconsin Badgers could be the the next two best teams in the conference. Michigan and Michigan State are not in the mix for the Big Ten championship in my book. Next week we will break down all the teams in the conference. I really feel as though Mr. “Hilrod” Rich Rod is under intense pressure to win here in 2010. I am not so sure Michigan higher ups are totally in his corner. This will be a huge season for him in the maize and blue.

The Tigers are sinking fast and will probably sink even more here in August and September. Roy Oswalt to the Phillies was the biggest trade-deadline move.


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