FCS recognizes custodial teams and maintenance crews

Several members of Flushing’s custodial team were in attendance June 8 to be honored in person. Photo by Ben Gagnon

Several members of Flushing’s custodial team were in attendance June 8 to be honored in person. Photo by Ben Gagnon

FLUSHING — Flushing Community Schools has recognized members of its Maintenance and Custodial Department for their tireless efforts to keep district technology up to date and buildings clean and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the June 8 Flushing School Board meeting, FCS Superintendent Matt Shanafelt extended appreciation to each maintenance member and custodian who rose to meet the challenges of the 2020/2021 school year.

“Since the beginning of this pandemic, this group has been asked to do all of their regular cleaning and maintenance in addition to daily sanitizing and disinfecting,” he said. “It has been an incredibly tall task, but they have pulled together to keep our buildings cleaned and disinfected so that our kids would have the greatest opportunity to remain safe and healthy.

“Through the adversity, this group worked long hours, covered for each other, learned new technology and techniques, used new equipment, worked in different buildings and did whatever it took to make sure our classrooms, buildings and grounds were clean and well maintained,” Shanafelt added. “We greatly appreciate the incredible efforts of this team this school year and are grateful for their dedicated service to the district.”

Maintenance/Custodial Supervisor Jerrod Locascio was honored for his leadership, along with district maintenance group leaders Dave Anderson and Troy Duford. Custodians recognized included Catherine Ashlock (pictured), Jen Balcom (pictured), Jill Barber (pictured), Cam Congdon, Josh Gilbert, Kaz Goldyn, Larry Ham, Noah Herrington, Wanda Herrington, Scott Hickey, Jay Johnson, J.J. Lessnau, Cherise McDonald (pictured) Erik McWilliams (pictured), Chelsea Mitts, Mary Moore, Barb Oskey, Marie Scribner, Hollie Springsteen, Rachel Stanley, Jud Uken (pictured), Victoria Vanderlaan (pictured), Marty Wilbur, Jerry Wolford and Mike York.

The warehouse team of Shelly Stringer and Carrie Wolford and bus mechanics Brandon Birchmeier and Kenny Walworth were also recognized for their roles in keeping the district running smoothly during the 2020/2021 school year.