FEA Teacher of the Month: Jena Cook

Jena Cook

Jena Cook

FLUSHING — Kindergarten teacher Jena Cook has been chosen as the Flushing Education Association’s Teacher of the Month for December. Cook, who teaches at the Early Childhood Center, has been with Flushing Community Schools since 2012.

Below is a Q and A session between Cook and the Flushing Education Association (FEA):

FEA: Why did you become a teacher?

JC: I became a teacher because I had many great teachers that inspired me during my own education. I think being able to be a mentor to students as they are learning new things and being able to engage them in the most exciting ways possible has been my pure motivation. In teaching kindergarten, I think being able to set up a solid school foundation and teach them how to start their own learning career has been most exciting for me as an educator. The many lightbulb moments of things making sense and understanding of concepts come to life makes it all worth it!

FEA: What role do teachers have in the community?

JC: I am so glad to live in the same community I teach in because being out and about shopping or at a sporting event, you are able to connect even deeper with the students and know what they’ve been up to on the weekends, etc. My own kids laugh when we run into someone and they’re calling “Mr.” or “Mrs. Cook” to say hi!

FEA: What is a moment you’d like to share from your profession?

JC: I think a moment that sticks out most for me currently was getting an email from a parent whose student was doing her own “book club” at home with their siblings because of the monthly books we’ve had donated to us. It just is so touching to know what you’re doing and saying the kids take to heart and try to do the same even in their own play time!