FEA Teacher of the Month: Stephanie Wyatt

Stephanie Wyatt

Stephanie Wyatt

FLUSHING — Flushing Middle School teacher Stephanie Wyatt has been selected as the Flushing Education Association’s (FEA) Teacher of the Month for June. Wyatt, who teaches seventh grade math and is a Special Education Teacher Consultant at the middle school, has taught at Flushing Community Schools for the past 11 years.

Below is an interview between the FEA and Wyatt:

FEA: Why did you become a teacher?

SW: I had some adverse experiences growing up. My teachers were some of the loving and supportive adult role models in my life. I felt that I could give back to students the way my teachers gave back to me, using my experiences for a positive purpose. I want to inspire our youth to see the bright shining lights they have to offer this world.

FEA: What motivates you to put in the blood, sweat, and tears that education requires?

SW: To have my students experience success in the classroom is everything to me. I try to build a relationship with them, where they can trust me to take risks in the classroom. When that spark lights in their eyes and they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that empowers them, that is what motivates me.

FEA: What role do teachers have in the community?

SW: Teachers play a critical role in the community. I wear more hats in my role than just educator.

FEA: What is a moment you’d like to share from your profession. This could be general or specific.

SW: Sometimes we do not always get to see the success of our students as we work with them. Our guidance and support we provide is a seed planted. I have had a few students come back after some time from being in my classroom to let me know the impact I made on their life. These are the moments that keep me going and remind why I wanted to be a teacher.