Feedback regarding “He/She/They” column

I read with interest the article by Eileen Button, “He/She/They Matters”, regarding how to address certain members of our society. Eileen stressed the importance of making them feel proper and providing them with a safe space. In one of the examples Eileen seemingly mocked some poor student for misunderstanding her question and writing down every pronoun. I wonder if that student felt dysphoric and safe? Language does matter. Rachael Dolezal identified as African American, even though she had white parents and was roundly criticized. There was no basis in fact for her identification. Must society bend to the whim of every person who wishes to change themselves at a moment’s notice? If Eileen’s child wishes to be called a him instead of they, how will the public know?

Eileen stressed that we need more love. Sometimes true love is taking a stand against destructive/detrimental or foolish behavior. When I was a child, I was convinced that I was really an alien, and my parents weren’t really my parents. I even invented a language. Did my parents destroy my creativity by telling me how ridiculous I was being? No. Did they really love me? Yes. They knew that the premise of my argument had no basis in fact.

You are not assigned a gender at birth. The doctor looks between your legs and writes down what they see. Eileen wants us to believe that because Shakespeare, or some other Olde English writer mentions something, that should be the end of the argument. While I love Shakespeare, I can say me thinks thou doest protest too much.

One last thought, my hamster deserves better than what Eileen provided. — Cody W. Melvin, Swartz Creek