Ferris Wheel Eco-System offering free student membership passes

FLINT – The Ferris Wheel in Downtown Flint is offering free student membership passes until Friday, January 5, A valid student ID will give students an opportunity to utilize the unique benefits of working inside a vibrant co-working space.

Ferris Wheel’s business hospitality services land coworkers in the middle of some of the brightest doers in the USA, with access to conference rooms, office space, phones, wi-fi and printing night and day. Not to mention the brains and energy in the entrepreneurial and co-working ecosystem around them.

Here startups, garage inventors, creatives and entrepreneurs can find the resources they need to get their project rolling. The Flint Ferris Wheel turns on innovation in all its forms.

Students from local colleges, universities and those home for a holiday break are encouraged to become a part of an ecosystem where they can connect, collaborate and spark new ideas. All students are welcome to register at the Ferris Wheel (615 S Saginaw Street) between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday or at ferriswheelflint.com.

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