Ferris Wheel welcomes 39 local entrepreneurs, innovators and businesses to downtown Flint

FLINT — Downtown Flint was abuzz recently as Flint Ferris Wheel, and the Skypoint Ventures’ family of companies, announced the arrival of 39 new businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, and students.

The 39 businesses officially moved in to Cowork at Ferris Wheel where they will have access to a number of essential business services, support and resources all in one building.

“Flint is on the rise and this group of innovators is among the leaders helping to make Flint an economic powerhouse once again,” said David Ollila, president and chief innovation officer at Skypoint Ventures. “It’s thrilling to see the innovation and novel thinking taking place at Ferris Wheel everyday where entrepreneurs work alongside each other, and with business experts, to advance and shape new ideas.”

The Flint Ferris Wheel project was completed late last year after recognizing the need and opportunity to support a growing, diverse community of entrepreneurs, innovators and businesses in Flint. Ferris Wheel brings those businesses together in the same facility to provide connectivity, synergy and opportunity for all.

“Flint’s entrepreneurial community is rich with innovation and ambition, and we’re happy to help that spirit thrive at Ferris Wheel,” said Phil Hagerman, founder and co-owner at Skypoint Ventures. “Imagine: the ideas, inventions, and innovations that will one day shape our lives are being crafted right now right here in Flint.”

“The collaborative spirit and collective energy at Ferris Wheel is infectious,” said Heather Kale, general manager at Flint Ferris Wheel. “Our entrepreneurs and businesses don’t fit into just one box. They come from countless sectors and look at a variety of opportunities, yet they feed off each other and work as a community to grow together.”

Ferris Wheel serves a variety of businesses in countless sectors, including retail products, financial services and marketing consultants. A complete list of the 39 businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators moving in today is attached to this release.

To learn more about the opportunities and services for businesses and startups at Flint Ferris Wheel, please visit FerrisWheelFlint.com. G.G.

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