Festival of Flags needs better entertainment

Every summer, Davison residents look forward to the Festival of Flags. It is a fun filled family event filled with a parade, carnival, fireworks, and an “entertainment” tent. There are lot of activities & events that center around the kids. But for 70 years now, the Davison Chamber of Commerce fails to put on an adult event with quality entertainment. It has been the same ol’, same ol’ lackluster effort in hiring anything awesome for as long as I can remember. You see nearby communities (Swartz Creek & Lapeer) in 2021 step up and hire some pretty decent entertainment. (Ironsnake, Avalon Black, Uncle Kracker) for their festival’s. But Davison Chamber of Commerce again hires the neighborhood bar band like they always do. Weakest entertainment of the area festivals.

I’m asking the Chamber of Commerce to go out and bring a band here that we know. It isn’t difficult. You would think on their 70th anniversary of the Festival of Flags, someone in the Chamber would step up and bring someone worthwhile to our proud community.

Adult events in Davison (camel races, comedy fests, quarter night) are always sold out. Huge money is raised. The Chamber doesn’t care. While the festival is fun, it’s the same every year. Davison deserves better entertainment for their annual hometown festival. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Prove me wrong. — Ben Callis, Davison Township