Few major road projects planned for this year

FLINT TWP. — Clearly winter has taken a heavier toll than usual on road conditions but with limited funding available, expect few upgrades on major township roads this year.

The prioritizing process used to select annual federally-funded projects for the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission’s four-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) was explained to the township board in a briefing April 7 by Ken Johnson, Program Development Engineer for the Genesee County Road Commission.

Miller Road from Dye Road to Linden will be rehabilitated this year with carryover funds from last year, Johnson said. Funding came in too late in the season to start the project last year, he said. The road commission will begin construction starting Monday, April 21 (weather permitting) with an anticipated completion date of June 27).

Johnson said the road will remain open to traffic, via lane shifts, during construction.

Otherwise, TIP funds in 2014 are slated for roads elsewhere in the county.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller noted that township roads received TIP funds in 2013 to repave Bristol Road from Van Slyke to Fenton Road and in 2012 for repaving Linden Road between Beecher and Calkins roads.

Johnson explained in detail the multistep process used to identify and prioritize which road projects will receive a distribution of annual federal funding for roads each year.

Overseen by the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission, the TIP selection process involves a Transportation System Management (TSM) Committee, a Technical Advisory Committee (with membership drawn from 33 participating units of government including representatives from Flint Township), and the Metropolitan Alliance.

Selected projects are submitted to the Michigan Department of Transportation and ultimately the Federal Highway Administration.

“We primarily like to try to focus our federal funds on multi-lane roads,” Johnson said. Surface Transportation Project funds make up the bulk of federal funding but Genesee County does benefit from federal funding sources outside of the TIP process, he said.

The road commission also has posted on its web site a list of primary and local roads scheduled to be upgraded this year.

One local road being rehabbed this summer is Norko Drive between Linden Road and O’Neal Drive. That project is scheduled for May 5 though June 27.

Looking much further ahead, Flushing Road from Warner to Mill is on the TIP projects list for 2015. However, the road commission closed the middle lanes of Flushing Road between Linden and Mill Road this week because they are too badly deteriorated to support traffic.

Also motorists bumping along the rutted lanes of Linden Road from Lennon Road to Calkins Road may not be happy to learn that segment of road is not on the TIP list for restoration and rehabilitation until 2017.

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