Few upsets in Burton school board races

BURTON — There were no major upsets in the four local Board of Education races held during the Nov. 3 election.

In Atherton voters decided three seats from a field of four candidates. The seats went to Scott Hynes (1,515), Sandra Talbot (1,777) and Tim Shorkey (1,291).

In Bendle voters also decided on three seats, picking from four candidates. The winners were Deborah S. Dunsmore (1,111), John Stanke (922) and Bard N. Scott (907).

In Bentley voters picked four seats from five candidates. The winners were Cheryl Blosser (1,616), Katrina Bailey (1,554), Kevin W. Burge (1,283) and Toby Jean Bauldry (1,227).

Kearsley voters filled three seats from a field of five candidates. Winners in that race were Chad L. Boggs (4,698), Kelly K. Fenner (3,688) and Robert Ploof Jr. (3,628). — G.G.