Fifth District U.S. Congress race on

BURTON — Dan Kildee has served three terms as U.S. Congressman (MI-05). Two individuals will be running against Kildee Nov. 6.

Kathy Goodwin, 56, is a social worker. She grew up in district five. In high school, she saw a film about the victory of the Flint Sit Down Strike in 1937 and said it caused her to understand that the working class has power when they stand together.

“I am asking people to think outside the box,” she said. “The idea is that working class people need our own political party. Working class people have unions, but we do not yet have our own political party. Many people do not vote in this country because the big money parties fight for the big money issues. To fix water systems, to fix schools, to fix roads, to fix mass transit, to create more jobs at better pay: this is going to require grass roots activism and workplace organization. The truth is, improving the situation of the working population will require a mobilization of the working class.”

Travis Wines, 28, is a water treatment operator. He is a current union member, born and raised in Flint and describes himself as a “blue collar family man,” which he said represents the majority of the district. He said his experience and licenses as a water treatment operator prepare him to tackle the water challenges in the district.

“My intention as congressman of this district will be to help out the working-class family as well as the hard-working people who own businesses in this district,” he said. “I will make it a priority to help the struggling communities get back on track to a more prosperous future. “

Dan Kildee, 60, has focused on growing the economy, supporting quality education for all children and ensuring safe communities while serving in local government and as a U.S. congressman. He has worked to remove blight, ensure safe drinking water, protect the Great Lakes and fight for veterans’ benefits.

“If re-elected, I will continue to work to make sure Michiganders have the necessary skills to compete for high-wage jobs and I’ll work with both parties to pass an infrastructure bill that repairs our aging roads, bridges and water systems,” he said. “I’ll also prioritize making sure that every child, no matter the zip code where they were born, has the same opportunity to succeed. Finally, I will continue to lead efforts in congress to support older, industrial cities and towns that have struggled with the transition from the old to the new economy so that we can build stronger neighborhoods and safer communities.”

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