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The World Cup is down to four teams. Why am I talking about soccer, you ask? It’s because we are in the dead zone of the sporting world. NFL training camps open up in about two weeks and then the dead zone of sports all comes to an end.

Let’s get back to soccer and World Cup action. Tuesday afternoon the host Brazil took on Germany. I picked Germany to win in a minor upset and they came through with a huge 7-1 win. The other game was Wednesday and it had Argentina taking on the Netherlands. I’ll take the boys from Argentina to get it done. They will then play Germany for the 2014 World Cup. Germany will be the winner of it all! Let’s see if the Fat Guy knows anything about soccer predictions. Soccer talk is now done for another four years!

Difference of opinion

The Oakland A’s make the first significant trade of the baseball season. The “Swinging A’s” bolstered their starting pitching courtesy of the Chicago Cubs. The A’s now have Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel in their starting rotation. The Cubs received the A’s top two selections in the last two drafts — Addison Russell and Billy McKinney.

Many baseball experts feel the A’s gave up too much in this deal. We shall see come October. The Detroit pitcher Justin Verlander felt like this move was made to advance the A’s in October, especially against the Tigers. Detroit has knocked out Oakland in the first round in each of the last two Octobers. The thing is, the series both went five games and it took great pitching performances from Verlander for the Tigers to advance.

Billy Beane, the A’s general manager, disputes the claim by Verlander. Beane says the deal was done in order for the A’s to try and win the American League West Division title. I say regardless of why the deal was done it makes the Oakland A’s a very strong ball club who will be awful dangerous come October. I really hope Detroit can avoid the Oakland A’s in the first round. This is assuming both teams make the playoffs, because there are three months of baseball left yet to be played. I think come trade deadline time there will be numerous moves made by contending ball clubs. I really believe teams like the Philadelphia Phillies will be sellers and some good ball players will be out there to rent for a couple of months in the pennant drive come September.

I think our Detroit Tigers will be very active at the deadline. They need some bullpen help and possibly shortstop help. I am not too sure Suarez is the answer heading into September. Come on Philadelphia, deal Jimmy Rollins to the Tigers! Man, would I love that move.

Making the All-Star cut

The All-Star game is next week in Minnesota and three Tigers made the roster: Max Scherzer, Victor Martinez, and of course the greatest hitter in the game, Miggy! Miggy has decided not to participate in the home run derby. He does not want to mess up his swing. It’s a little disappointing, but also understandable. Rick Porcello has a chance to make the club also, but he needs all our Detroit Tigers fans’ online votes.

I will say this, how about the selfserve beer stations at the All-Star game? Yes, you buy a card with a dollar amount on it and you pour your own. That is so awesome!! They did put a 48-ounce limit every 15 minutes however, so you can’t keep slamming them down. This is the All-Star game I should have made a trip to. I like the American League to win 4-3 and secure home-field advantage come World Series time in Detroit. That would be nice, huh? Sure would be. It does seem odd not to see Justin Verlander on the roster though.

One NFL item: Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns is an idiot. He will become the next Charles Rogers of the NFL.

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