Final Four named for football

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The college football playoffs and bowl schedules are official and 41 bowl games are on tap! Yes, it’s saturated with college football from December 20 to mid-January when the National Champion is crowned.

The college playoff seedings are as follows: LSU is the one-seed, Ohio State the two-seed, Clemson the threeseed, and Oklahoma the four-seed. I feel as though Ohio State was robbed of the No. 1 seed and should be No. 1.

The SEC Conference once again carries weight, when it should not have, over the Big Ten. I could argue that Clemson is the No. 1 team in the country. Look at their resume over the last three seasons. The only thing holding me back is the weak ACC Conference Clemson plays in. I guess enough complaining of the seedings and it will all be settled on the field starting December 28 at four o’clock when Oklahoma and LSU square off. The Buckeyes and Tigers will follow in what should be an epic football game! The Fat Guy predictions will come later as we get closer to game time on these two football games. I need to do some football handicapping research first.

Going bowling

The State of Michigan is represented really well this bowl season. Let’s look at the dates, destinations and times of these bowl games.

The Central Michigan team loses the MAC Championship to Miami of Ohio, which was a disappointing loss, to say the least. However, the “Fire Up Chips” will go to the New Mexico Bowl and play San Diego State on December 21. The kick off will take place at 2 p.m.

The Quick Lane Bowl at Ford Field on December 26 has Eastern Michigan taking on the Pitt Panthers and kick off slated for 8 p.m. The Fat Guy is entertaining the thought of attending, actually.

The Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium on December 27, which is a 3:20 p.m kickoff, features Michigan State and Wake Forrest. The weather will not be balmy is the only prediction I have for that game right now!

The battle of Western’s, no, not John Wayne movies, but Western Michigan and Western Kentucky is December 30 in the First Responder Bowl. The game is in Dallas, Texas and kickoff is at 12:30 p.m. and should be a great football game.

The Citrus Bowl on January 1 at 1 p.m. is Michigan and Alabama. This would be a great game if it was played 15 years ago when Michigan was a good football program. I see another bowl whipping in Michigan’s future.

The bottom line is, five Michiganbased colleges are going bowling over the holiday season. If you root for any of these five, hopefully, they bring you some holiday joy!

Lions doomed

The Detroit Lions are 3-9-1 and have the same record as the Arizona Cardinals. Maybe the tie was a premonition of what the 2019 season was going to become. I hope Martha keeps Quinn and Patricia for one more season so another Lions’ football season can be a waste of a season. This regime “No Win Quinn” and Matt “Even The Pats Don’t Want You Back” are so brutal I ask why are they still in Detroit? I guess Martha is just like William Clay Ford; too loyal! Martha says the money is rolling in and that’s all that matters! Enough is enough, for the love of football! I wish the Lions would cheat like the Patriots! Really? You need to cheat to beat the Cincinnati Bengals? I can’t quit laughing at that!

NFL Picks:

New York Jets + 14.5 over BALTIMORE
Tampa Bay – 3.5 over DETROIT
WASHINGTON + 4.5 over Philadelphia
Chicago + 4.5 over GREEN BAY
New England – 9.5 over CINCINNATI
TENNESSEE – 3 over Houston
CAROLINA + 6 over Seattle
KANSAS CITY – 10 over Denver
N.Y. GIANTS – 3.5 over Miami
Buffalo + 2 over PITTSBURGH
OAKLAND – 6 over Jacksonville
ARIZONA + 2.5 over Cleveland
SAN FRANCISCO – 11 over Atlanta
DALLAS -pk over L.A. Rams
Minnesota – 2.5 over L.A. CHARGERS
NEW ORLEANS – 9 over Indianapolis
LAST WEEK: 7-7-2; SEASON: 88-95-6
BEST BET: 5-8; BEST BET: Tennessee