Fire chief seeks approval for grant money

FLINT TWP. — Use it or lose it was the word from Fire Chief John E. Ringwelski about grant money available to help pay for needed lighting improvements at township fire halls.

Saying that more than a month had already expired between township board meetings, Ringwelski stressed a 90-day time limit to use grant monies from the Consumers Energy Business Solutions Program.

Consumers notified him a total of about $5,388 in incentive grant funds was being held in reserve until July 8. The funds cannot be used for other projects and the project has a 90-day completion timeline.

The program offers incentives, training and energy information services to help eligible commercial, industrial and government customers reduce energy costs by improving energy efficiency.

Ringwelski said the grants would pay about 20 percent of total costs for needed lighting improvements estimated at $30,000. He said that it would take three to five years to recoup the costs in energy savings.

By a majority vote, with treasurer Sandra Wright voting no, the board agreed to accept the grants of $2,875.54 for Fire Station No.1 at 5331 Reuben Street; $2,082.32 for Fire Station No. 2, G-3327 Flushing Road; and $430.28 for Fire Station No. 3, 2511 W. Bristol Road.

Costs for Bristol Road are lower because it is a much smaller station, Ringwelski said.

Mostly interior lighting work will be done but some exterior lighting work is included. Some lights are badly in need of replacement, he said.

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