First you should know

This virus is nature, you respect it and work to eliminate it and the effects it has on you. That’s done with intelligent people that know what they’re doing. I don’t know anything about fighting a virus, but I know that I don’t know so I listen to the people that do.

To open things up and hope it will be like it was 6 months ago is a very cavalier attitude with no idea of the effects on other people lives. It’s an example of someone that does not know what they don’t know. The Governor is doing the right thing, listening to the pros that know what they’re doing and bringing the state back online carefully. If you have to put off your hair cut and color or a session at the fitness center, you can. If you’re a business owner or laid off, Washington has promised you help. But opening everything up now with no regard to the well-being of others would be irresponsible. — Don Becker, Grand Blanc