Fishing licenses now available; fishing guides available online

GENESEE COUNTY — Anglers are reminded that the 2018 fishing licenses went on sale Thursday, March 1. Be sure to pick up a copy of the 2018 Michigan Fishing Guide or download it from dnrdigests.


The best ice fishing locations at this time are in the Upper Peninsula. Anglers should use caution and check any ice carefully following the rain and warm temperatures. Those fishing the rivers will need to use caution and watch for floating debris.


Lake St. Clair: The main lake ice is gone. Some marginal ice still remains in the canals and marinas. It is recommended that anglers stay off any remaining ice. The Harley Ensign Boating Access Site is wide open and a few boat anglers were starting to venture out.

St. Clair River: A few fish were caught off the wall at Port Huron.

Saginaw Bay: Ice fishing season is over as very strong winds blew the ice out of the bay or broke it up. Perch fishing in the cuts and canals may be available in a week or so, but spawning is still a few weeks away. Rivers in the area were either still in flood mode or starting to recede. Most were full of floating debris and were not fishable.

Saginaw River: Had wide spread flooding in the upper river including flooded boat launches. Providing we do not end up with more significant rainfall, it could take another week or more for the watershed to drain out and become fishable. Walleye season on the inland waters is open through March 15, so anglers will still have a shot at walleye fishing for 10 days or so before the season closes.

Tittabawassee River: Had wide spread flooding in the lower river and flooded boat launches. Like the Saginaw River, it could take another week or more for water levels to come down and the river is fishable.


Overall: Steelhead were on the move last week before the rapid rise in water levels.

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