Fitted clubs are a good way to improve your golf game

Want a quick way to improve your golf game? Get fitted clubs.

Around 80 percent of golfers say they can tell an improvement in their game the first time out after getting their clubs fitted.

Club fitting normally takes around two hours. Measurments are taken of your existing clubs. Probably a brief interview about your golf game and goals.

Club swing including ball flight, swing speed, spin rates and launch angles are measured.

Some places include fitting into the price of buying new clubs, so that is an option. But, there are places that will fit your old clubs, too. Give it from 10 days to two weeks to get the clubs back. There are, to me, good and bad about getting fitted clubs.

The good: Length, weight and clubhead angle are all right for your personal swing. That makes it easier to make more good, consistant golf shots. Everybody knows more good shots means more confidence and more confidence means more good shots.

The bad: The next skull shot from 100-yards, snap hook or worm burning three wood, is on you.

Golf clubs off the rack are designed to fit 80 percent of golfers, but isn’t it time to take your game to the next level?

— Lee Morse

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