Five candidates seeking five seats on Bentley Board of Education

Cheryl Blosser

Cheryl Blosser

BURTON — Incumbents Ty Burt, Toby Bauldry, Katrina Bailey and Cheryl Blosser will be challenged in their bids for re-election to the Bentley Board of Education by resident Kevin Burge in the Nov. 3 general election.

Board member Katrina Bailey did not respond to our request for information. This is what the candidates had to say to our questionnaire:

Ty Burt, Age: 47

Education: 1990 Bentley Alumni, Mott College, National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee ‘95-’00.

Accomplishments: I’m proud to be a 2nd generation Bentley Alumni. All four of my children have attended Bentley Community Schools. I am the current VP of the Bentley BOE. I helped develop Bentley’s Nature-based kindergarten curriculum. My family is a financial donor for Bentley’s Marching Band, HS football, HS Ladies Basketball, Youth Football, Youth Cheer, HS softball, MS Softball, Athletic Boosters, HS Yearbook, 2020 Prom and more. I designed and coordinated the purchase of our inflatable tunnel that many Bulldogs have run through before athletic events. I’ve volunteer coached our Bulldogs in Youth and MS softball, Jet League Ladies Basketball and Youth Flag Football. I designed and made the template for the ‘B’ that flies on our school flags as well as the ‘B’ on our football field’s 50-yard line.

Kevin Burge

Kevin Burge

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? Bentley is not just a school to me, it is home. I will continue to put our students first and to do whatever is necessary to provide all of our Bulldogs with the best and safest learning experience. I will continue to volunteer my time with electrical repairs around our district as well as announcing at all our football games including youth, MS, and HS. Once we can again meet inside in groups, I plan to hold monthly meetings for parents and students who need a support group to better deal with the struggles and obstacles that so many are having in this day and age. I will continue to utilize my 25 years of construction experience to make sure our taxpayers get every penny’s worth out of the $2.2M bond they so graciously voted for so that none of their/ our money gets wasted again.

Toby Bauldry, Age: No response

Education: No response

Accomplishments: No response

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? My focus is to try and make sure the education of our students is first and foremost. I would like to think I could make a difference. I want to make sure that our kiddos get a good education in a safe environment. I want to make sure we hire good and caring teachers. I have been on the board for a while and hope I have made a difference. Our children will have to face many challenges when the graduate and hopefully we will have helped to prepare them for those challenges. Thank you. Please vote. Toby Bauldry.

Cheryl Blosser, Age: 61

Education: Bentley graduate with about two years of college

Accomplishments: I was the computer lab Instructor for more than 25 years at Barhitte Elementary, where I taught all the students from preschool to fifth grade many different software programs.

My biggest accomplishments were the smiles on the students faces while they were learning the many different programs I would introduce to them, and when they realized they could do the math problems in Sumdog or Mangahigh, or they could do an animation in google slides, and see the pride they had for themselves.

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? I have been on the board for just a short time, I filled the vacant seat in January of 2020. My goal as a board member is to try and make sure Bentley students are getting the best education possible and that the decisions that are made by me as a board member, are what is best for students, staff and the community.

I have been a member of Bentley almost my entire life. This community is small and that is what draws people to it. I am a Bentley grad, both of my children graduated from Bentley, and now my son is raising his family in the district. I feel that is the best part of Bentley, the family aspect that brings second and third generations back to the district.

Another positive aspect is that the small district allows teachers to really know your child and their personality, and if there is a change or issue, they feel comfortable enough to call and let the parents know they have concerns.

I hope I get enough votes so that I am allowed to continue to be a part of the Bentley Board of Education and be involved in Bentley Community Schools decisions for the future.

Kevin W. Burge, Age: 60

Education: Bentley graduate 1977

Accomplishments: I have lived in the Bentley district all my life. I am a GM retiree and also a Burton Fire Officer retiree, (25) years.

I have been on the Burton Planning Commission for the last 10 years. As well as, a member of the Burton Kiwanis. In my time with these organizations, I have been involved with helping many people in different ways, from the Fire Department to the Kiwanis Club, like helping with the food drives for many people in need. I have also supported three students for the student exchange program. My wife and I have been a billet home for 16 hockey players. I also have helped the Burton Parks and Rec. with some activities for the young students at Halloween and Christmas time.

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? With the General Motors strike and now the COVID-19 the economy has been hit hard here, as we know. Children are going to fall behind. and that’s where the adults have to stand up. The State and Federal government have to help smaller schools like Bentley.

This is one reason the Census is so important this time. To do this we have to lean on our legislators for the money needed. And to also help the students find scholarships to extend their education to be successful post-graduation.

We also need to encourage all students to participate in sports more, As I feel it is an important part of education.

If elected with the teachers, administrators, coaches, school board and residents. Bentley will be a place where people say that’s where I want to go!

Photos were unavailable for Bauldry and Burt.

The Genesee County View will run more candidate profiles next week for the various races through the county.