Five Reasons to Celebrate Summer



A h, summertime is in full swing. For the next three or so months, we Michiganders get to take advantage of the seasonal change and all its warm-weather trappings, whether that means teeing up at the golf course, planning getaway trips or taking the kids out to the local playground.

Of course, the season does present its own set of challenges. Personally, I wasn’t too fond of the heatwave that swept through on Father’s Day weekend. Then there’s the rise in mosquitos, deerflies and other pests. And for those of us who tend to our own backyards… well, we’ve been mowing and trimming like crazy so far.

Nonetheless, I’ve always found that summer’s benefits far outweigh its drawbacks. Here’s five reasons why the season is my favorite:

Ice Cream:

For me, nothing says summertime quite like indulging in a soft serve ice cream cone. One of my fondest childhood memories is when my family and I would pick blueberries at a patch in the Otisville area. Afterward, we’d drive down to a small, out-of-the-way ice cream parlor that served up the sweetest lemon vanilla twist I’ve ever tasted. Ice cream in the summer has a knack for drawing friends and families together, which makes it a staple of my summer memories.


Michigan presents opportunities for fishing all year long, but my preferred time to bait up is in June and July. A few years back, my Dad and I discovered a secluded fishing hole tucked away deep in the woods along the Flint River (I’m not at liberty to disclose the exact location). Needless to say, we’ve landed more than a few catfish and smallmouth bass there. It’s such a relaxing feeling to get out in nature, with the sun at my back and the breeze blowing in off the water on a lazy summer morning.

Biking and hiking: Staying with the outdoors theme, I enjoy a long bike ride or hike in the summer— something I’m not afforded very often in the other three seasons. We’re blessed to have so many recreational trails in Genesee County, along with the scenery and wildlife that our great state has to offer.

Lawn-mowing: This might seem like a contradiction of what I said earlier about the season’s challenges, but I (usually) find lawnmowing and backyard work to be a rewarding part of my summer. When I’m on the mower, I can tune out distractions and think clearly about upcoming stories. Plus, I can get to work on a much-needed tan.

Baseball: Summer just isn’t complete without going to a Detroit Tigers game. I’ve had some great memories over the years, taking road trips with friends to watch my team in action. I haven’t made the trip down this year, but I’m hoping to catch a game before season’s end.

Yes, summer presents some challenges, but it ushers in a whole lot of fun as well. Get out and enjoy it while it lasts!

Ben Gagnon is a reporter for the View Newspapers. Contact him at 810-452-2661 or email at

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